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Ellen DeGeneres Gets MAJOR Support From Kids Cancer Foundation 'FAM' -- She's A 'Blessing'

By Mike Walters

Ellen DeGeneres is receiving HUGE support from a kid's cancer foundation that is eternally thankful to the talk show host for the life-changing work she did for the children, and its founder is calling out everyone who is attempting to 'cancel' the host.

According to a statement from founder and CEO of 'FAM' Fighting All Monsters, Milk Tyson, after many people reached out to him regarding their experience with Ellen, he now says she been an "incredible blessing" and an inspiration to millions of people.

"The truth is, my best friend Cori Register was dying from Ewing's Sarcoma. She selflessly decided to skip checking off items on her bucket list to focus on getting Diddy's attention. She knew if he would dance with these warriors on the biggest stage in the world, it would bring awareness to childhood cancer."

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He continued, "Going into it, I had dreams of filling the entire audience with cancer families. However, logistics greatly limited the number of kids who could be on the show, as they were already filming two other shows that day. At first, the show said six kids then eight. Ultimately they decided to fly out eleven kids. Ellen’s staff worked tirelessly over the course of thirty days getting to know these fighters. They Skyped with every kid that was part of our original video, even knowing some kids would not be able to travel. They wanted to make sure everyone felt included and that they had the entire Ellen show praying and rooting for them."

Tyson added, "Filming took place on February 19th. Starting with being picked up from the hotels, everything fell into place perfectly. Things ran like a well-oiled machine. From the drivers, go the production assistants and interns, the human interest department, to the executive producers. Every single staff member treated this group of kids like they were A-listers."

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Speaking of the children's experience on the show, Tyson says, "These kids are the "outcasts". They are bullied for being bald and for being "different". They are the kids that get stared at. But, not on The Ellen Show. They were treated just like the Grammy or Oscar award winners."

He continued, "Did we meet Ellen? We did not. And the eleven moms backstage never expected to. Like LeBron James preparing for a basketball game, a prizefighter before a match, or a world-renowned doctor preparing to perform major surgery, everyone needs time to focus in order for them to perform at the level they are known and expected to perform at. We knew we were showing up to her job, not her house. We were guests of a show put on by hundreds of employees. Ellen has been an incredible blessing and an inspiration to millions of people over the years. She has walked onto that stage for seventeen seasons presenting a caring, sensitive, fun, and hilarious side of her personality. "


In his statement, Milk Tyson even defends Ellen's statements about not knowing the true scope of alleged abuse on the set of her show.

"In show business, anyone who is consistently great, performing at her caliber has learned to set personal boundaries to preserve their energy. The bitter truth may be that Ellen has had to muster the tunnel vision and self-worth to be sure she delivers when that camera comes on. As a leader, she has to rely on her team to address the day to day interactions with visitors so that she can achieve the best for herself, her staff, and her guests," he wrote.

"Our story with Ellen did not end on February 20th when the show ended. Multiple staff members kept in contact with us, messaged our families, and sent well wishes and merchandise on surgery dates. Executive producers followed up with the kids and let them know that once they are part of Ellen's family, they will not be forgotten."


In his letter, the Founder of 'FAM' revealed the inspiration for the 'Ellen' project tragically passed away.

"Sadly, exactly thirty days after the show, our inspiration and coordinator for this project, Cori, passed away. The Ellen Show was five of the first ten messages and calls we received when she passed. Also, three of our kids have relapsed since the show. One is losing his leg in a few short days to try to save his life. And once again the first people to reach out to him were the staff at Ellen. "What can we do for you?" "How can we help you?" "Please keep us updated.” Just think, we are eleven cancer fighters that were on ONE show out of the seventeen years they have been on the airways. If you wish to push this “It starts at the top!” war cry, please make sure to look at how her entire organization does some really wonderful things for real people. Just ask our families how they have been treated," she said.

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Not only is 'FAM' defending Ellen, but it's also founder addressed 'Cancel Culture' in general, saying, "All that being said, when you dig for your dirt on Ellen, make sure to bring your shovel to the '90s and really comprehend what being "canceled" meant. It was not a hashtag or a meme, it was her life. She was the outcast. She was bullied. People turned their backs on her forever. But, twenty-two years later she is still here, giving a stage for so many people to right their wrongs and being a lighthouse to millions of people who might have never reached the shore without her. We are not A list celebs to the world, but in the world of Ellen, our kids are stars! If anyone ever needs a reminder on the impact of the Ellen Show just remember that we are only eleven "outcasts" out of the seventeen years, and they did right by us."

Milk Tyson concluded with this, "I will close with this final thought. Whether you believe it or not, even the “successful people” are the same little confused kids trying to make sense of a confusing adult world, like most people on this planet. And, just because you see someone smiling all the time does not mean they feel like smiling all the time. Do you?"

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