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They're A Solid Couple

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After three years of dating, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are as solid as ever. They may go head to head on The Voice, but at home they are a unified front. Earlier this year, Stefani gushed about Shelton to TODAY, explaining how he's helped her as a single mom to her three boys.

"He is a good dad, actually. He’s been helping me out a lot, so I literally get to the point where I’m like, ‘You gotta get home, I need help.’ It’s hard. I got three boys."

Ellen Turns Up The Heat

While he was a guest on The Ellen Show, Ellen pushed Blake to give her some information about when the adorable couple will be getting engaged, telling him that "time is ticking," using Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez as an example. Shelton didn't seem to mind, saying that the last time he was here "time didn’t really start ticking at that moment."

Shelton has spoken about how he wants to marry Gwen in the past, telling ET in June that he doesn't mind the rumors.

"First of all, the rumors stuff, I'm not gonna sit here and say that it makes me mad. It's funny. I've learned over the years just to take that for what it is.

If I am somehow, and Gwen is somehow, newsworthy enough that they have to make up stories about us just to have something to say, then I guess that's a good problem to have. You know, I gotta say that we couldn't be happier, and we've never been doing better."

His Thoughts On Eventually Marrying Gwen

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While Shelton and Stefani don't seem particularly rushed to tie the knot -- both have marriages in their past -- Shelton explained that he knew that dating had to lead somewhere, telling Nancy O'Dell that hey get "stronger every day."

"Obviously, that's gotta lead somewhere, but I promise you, we won't break the news in any of the grocery store trash magazines. When it happens, you'll hear about it from somebody like you. Maybe even you, exclusively. You're credible. You're incredible, and you're credible."

She's So Supportive

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

From the sound of things, it seems like this seemingly odd couple have found a good rhythm and made room for each other in their lives. Shelton said of Stefani:

"She's never not been supportive or a cheerleader, just the most encouraging person I've ever had in my life, on any level. It's unbelievable how supportive she is.

I tell her this all the time, and she doesn't realize it, but Gwen's one of these people that I learn so much from, because no matter what the situation is, she has a way of looking at something from every angle possible, and understanding if there's turmoil or something going on, instead of just jumping to conclusions or reacting, it's, 'Well, here's why they may feel that way.'

I've learned a lot from her -- to not be so reactive as I used to be. She's definitely helped to calm me down, for sure."

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