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Ellen -- Not Oprah

It's a little surprising to hear the news that Meghan Markle will give her first big interview to Ellen DeGeneres, rather than Oprah Winfrey, though it has yet to be confirmed.

The Daily Mail is citing a source who says "Ellen and Meghan have already discussed a sit-down interview. That's been in the works for quite some time now."

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But Markle's not just friends with Winfrey, of course.

The Daily Mail writes that Markle and Degeneres first met at a dog shelter in Los Angeles. During that meeting, DeGeneres suggested Markle adopt her dog Bogart, so they share that kinship.

A source told the paper that the kinship continues to develop.

"[Meghan] said Ellen understands her pain and suffering. That she epitomizes authenticity. [Meghan] feels like they are kindred spirits."

Ellen Had an Impact


DeGeneres also met Markle are in London last summer to meet Archie. At that time, DeGeneres spoke positively about Markle, saying she and Harry are doing good things.

"I see them get attacked and it's not fair. They are two of the most down-to-earth compassionate people, they're doing so much good for the world," DeGeneres said.

Meghan Can Have More Than One Friend

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Oprah went to Meghan and Harry's wedding in Windsor, England, in 2018, so they know each other well enough for Markle to invite her to such an important occasion.

Regardless, Oprah's support of Meghan and Harry continues. Recently, Winfrey defended the couple for making the decision to step back from their royal duties.

Oprah told Entertainment Tonight:

"I support them 1000 percent! That whole media story about how they were blindsided, that's just not true because everybody's known for months that this was happening.

To give up everything you've known in your whole life to say, 'I'm going to choose this new life and what I believe to be the truest vision for myself.' When a person has sat and thought about what is the best decision I'm going to make for my family and then he makes that decision, none of us have any right to say anything about that."

Oprah Will Be Just Fine


The source also thought that Ellen snagging an interview rather than Oprah could ruffle some feathers:

"Ellen getting the first shot at an in-depth interview is surely going to put Oprah's -- (and Gayle King's) nose out of joint.

After all, Oprah wooed Meghan's mother by having her spend the day in Montecito, wrangled an invite to the wedding and has been pretty vocal in her support of the couple's decision to break away."

But it's quite possible that Oprah is just happy for them. She likely has enough projects going on that she's not going to be upset about this upcoming interview, which she'll have to watch on TV just like everyone else.

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