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Ellen DeGeneres Adds New Puppy To Furry Family With Portia de Rossi

By Whitney Vasquez

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have another fur child!

The longtime couple have rescued a puppy and added it to their growing dog family.

DeGeneres revealed the exciting news on her talk show and followed it up by sharing a post on social media.

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Making her debut on her new owner's hit show, Mrs. Wallis Browning was introduced to the world on Tuesday.

Ellen's pooch is an adorable brown poodle and her mom is still available from the rescue shelter Wagmor in Studio City, CA.

This marks dog #4 for the famous duo.

Ellen shared several snaps of Mrs. Wallis Browning with her furry brothers and sisters at home and even showed Portia playing catch with their new nugget.

On the show, the host revealed their newest pooch is only "three months old."

Sadly, she's already had to overcome hardships.

“She was kept in a cage outside in the desert since she was two months old," Ellen stated.

"She was never able to run. She never had a toy. She never wagged her tail. She never lived next door to Oprah," Ellen joked.

Saying she's a proud mama, the comedian also revealed she had to get a new phone because "my battery was running low. Literally I was picking up the phone for everything she did!"

Gushing how adorable and cute Mrs. Wallis is, she also showcased the first meeting between the new pup and her already existing furry family, which didn't go without a hitch.

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