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How Could She?


Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was recently seen rubbing shoulders with former President George W. Bush. The comedian tried to reason why it's important for everyone to get along.

Promoting Sportsmanship Off the Field

DeGeneres and Bush were both at a recent Dallas Cowboys football game and were laughing and smiling together. Why is this controversial? Their contrasting political viewpoints.

“They thought, ‘Why is a gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president’?" says DeGeneres as she addressed the controversy.

Leaning In

But she wants people to practice what they preach. In other words, you should be friends with people even though you might not agree with everything they have to say.

DeGeneres pointed to one person's comment: “Ellen and George Bush together makes me have faith in America again."

“Exactly," she said.

"Here’s the thing. I’m friends with George Bush. In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have."

We're Different, and Yet the Same


DeGeneres spoke further about the social media firestorm.

“We’re all different, and I think we’ve forgotten that that’s okay that we’re all different. For instance, I wish people wouldn’t wear fur. I don’t like it, but I’m friends with people who wear fur. And I’m friends with people who are furry, as a matter of fact."

“But just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be friends with them,” she continued. “When I say, ‘Be kind to one another,’ I don’t only mean the people that think the same way that you do. I mean be kind to everyone.”

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