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Ellen DeGeneres' Favorite Pet Store Accused of Celebrity Favoritism

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By Whitney Vasquez

A luxury pet store and adoption center made famous by Ellen DeGeneres is catching heat after being accused of celebrity favoritism. The Wagmor, located in Studio City, CA, is being slammed after a litter of Labradoodles went out to a number of A-listers including Kris Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Maya Rudolph. Unlucky customers, who were also allegedly interested in adopting the puppies, are accusing The Wagmor of putting celebrity clients ahead of regular people and they are sounding off.

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Is This Favoritism?

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After sharing a post revealing Maya Rudolph adopted the last Labradoodle puppy this week, the pet shop thanked the "Bridesmaids" actress, Ellen DeGeneres, Kris Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen for their support. They also gave "regular folks" a shout-out and stated, "Without all of your support, we wouldn't be able to help get these dogs off the streets and into forever homes!" Almost immediately, followers of the store filled up their post with angry comments about the favoritism the company is seemingly showing to Hollywood's elite.

Followers Are Pissed:


"So basically if you're a celebrity you can adopt one of these?" one follower asked. "So you reserve the cutest dogs for celebrities?" questioned another. "Seems like only celebrities are getting to adopt that particular liter [sic] of puppies," stated someone else. A fourth follower said The Wagmor "is basically a tmz for dogs at this point" and called the company "pathetic." A fifth person legit asked "if my friend isn't famous but works with famous people can he adopt?"

Wagmor Issues Statement:

While The Wagmor defended themselves by responding to each and every concern, it appears the criticism proved too much for the company. On Thursday evening, the shop where Ellen DeGeneres' recently adopted a pup issued an aggressive statement while posting photos of every single Labordoodle with their adopted family to prove they went to regular people too. Sharing 10 separate pics, The Wagmor stated that only three went to celebrity clients. Revealing they got over 8,000 adoption applications after Ellen DeGeneres stepped in, the company wrote, "Let's make a few things clear" and began listing off several comebacks to haters.

Was It Too Aggressive?


Saying they are "one of the LUCKY ones that has gotten the exposure that we have through the support of people like Ellen," The Wagmor stated that they provide services to "non-celebrities and celebrities alike." They continued, "Non-celebrities and celebrities alike are all just people at the end of the day that want dogs" adding, "Lots of celebrities have specifically asked for a non 'cute' dog and have rescued older dogs as well from us." Ellen DeGeneres' go-to doggy shop concluded their winded statement by writing, "And finally, here are all 8 puppies that got adopted and the 2 parents. Only 3 puppies went to celebrities while the other 7 went to normal folks. We posted these already in our feed btw."

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