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Ellen Called A ‘Liar’ After Denying She Ordered Staff To Not Look In Her Eyes

By Ryan Naumann

Ellen DeGeneres is being dragged on social media after firing her producers and denying she did anything wrong.

On Monday, Ellen announced three of her producers were being axed following an investigation into a toxic workplace environment at her talk show. Variety broke the story, producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman were fired for alleged misconduct.

Ellen spoke to her staffers via a videoconference call where she apologized for the environment. She promised to make changes behind the scenes. She seemed to take no responsibility for her alleged bad actions.

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Instead, the talk show host denied the rumor that staff and guests were told not to look at her in the eye if they ran into her on set. Ellen tried to call the claim “crazy” and “not true.” She called herself an “introvert” and apologized to anyone who felt “disregarded.”

Sources tell The Blast, many people who have been on the set of the talk show heard Ellen staffers talk about the no eye contact rule.

Following her “apology”, Ellen was trashed online for her response. One person wrote, “Liar. You were called out for being a total BITCH so your response is to fire other people. Typical Hollywood hypocrite.”


Another said, “So Ellen had claims of sexual abuse, systemic racism and her just plain being mean to her employees and so what does she do? Fires 3 producers and says her show will be better than ever next month.”

“Ellen creates toxic work environment but fires the people who are to hold her responsible for it?” asked another.

As The Blast previously reported, Ellen has been trying to salvage her career amid the scandal. She enlisted the help of her famous friend Kevin Hart and Katy Perry to try and vouch for her. The strategy quickly backfired with the celebrities being roasted on social media for their support.

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