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Eddie Murphy didn't have much to say at all in a new promo ad that's meant to hype up his return to "Saturday Night Live," which will air on Saturday.

The brief promo is shot in black and white, and Murphy is seen getting off an elevator and walking down the hall in NBC's headquarters in slow motion. As he reaches the SNL stage, he removes his sunglasses and gives his signature wry smile. Music from Lizzo ("Cuz I Love You") plays in the background; the sometimes controversial singer will be the musical guest Saturday.

It's Been Awhile Since He's Been Around the Neighborhood

The dramatic seriousness of the ad sort of makes sense, since it's been 35 years since Murphy hosted the late-night live comedy show.

Murphy fans are hoping that the comedian and actor will revive some of his old characters, like Gumby and "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood." Murphy's "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" was a parody of the PBS show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."

Murphy says he does plan to bring those out, or at least try to find a way to bring them back.

Murphy was on Jimmy Kimmel in October, and confirmed that yes, indeed, some of the old favorites will return:

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna do Gumby. And I’m trying to figure out some reason to do a Velvet Jones and ‘Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood.’ ”

Murphy Is Dolemite

Murphy's new movie Dolemite Is My Name is a biographical movie about actor, comedian, film producer and singer Rudy Ray Moore, who created the character named Dolemite. When Moore played Dolemite, he would often use sexually explicit rhymes about prostitutes, hustlers, -- you get the idea.

Moore eventually financed a movie of the same name in 1975. Dolemite is known as "one of the great blaxploitation movies" of the '70s. Moore's work also influenced later rappers like Snoop Dogg and Big Daddy Kane.

Testing the Waters

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

When he spoke with the New York Times, Murphy talked about My Name Is Dolemite and explained why he was hitting the public with new material from all sides -- movies, TV, theatre, etc.

“I didn’t want to just pop back up. I wanted a funny movie to remind them that they liked me. This movie turned out so strong that I figured this is a great way to come back.”

Giphy | Hollywood Suite

Murphy also revealed in the fall that he's going to make a return to stand-up comedy, which is great news, since the comedy world could always use his talents.

“I’m thinking about making it as funny as possible, because I want to shut sh-t down when I do it," he says about getting back up on the stage.

In September, Murphy confirmed that he'll have a standup special that will air in 2020 on Netflix. Besides that and the SNL visit, he'll also have a theatre tour, so we'll be seeing plenty more of Eddie in the future.

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