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Ask Him Anything

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Comedian Eddie Murphy has been around for a while; it's most likely he's seen a few things in his time. But something that former President Barack Obama asked him once made his hair stand on end -- sort of.

Murphy Pushed Boundaries

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Eddie Murphy's been all over the map. His standup show "Raw" is still a classic, and it's unclear whether he could get away with that material today. The show covered quite a few taboo subjects about love and life, and did it in such a relatable way that it works; nearly every joke still lands.

Murphy also has had a successful career as an actor, beginning with his first film, 48 Hrs., in which he gives a performance that is still enjoyable to watch, even more than 40 years later.

He later helped fuel the popularity of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, although the first one is the only one you really need to see.

He's Also the Beloved Donkey From 'Shrek'


Murphy even branched out; for example, he portrayed the voice of Donkey in the Shrek movies. Without Donkey, would there even be a Shrek? (Probably, but it could be a lot duller without Donkey there to ease the tension.)

Murphy's done a lot of bad movies too - the Nutty Professor movies come to mind.

Murphy Was At the White House For a Special Award


But this one question he took from former President Barack Obama had him scratching his head a little.

The moment came when Murphy was at the White House in 2105 to accept the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. At first, the questions were things most fans want to know about, like when will Murphy return to stand-up. Maybe he's too far along for that by now.

Obama Got Right To the Point


But Murphy, in an appearance on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," says that Obama told him, "You don't have any grey hairs," and then proceeded to ask him what hair rinse he uses. Yes, really.

We shouldn't be that surprised. Obama was one of our nation's most down-to-earth presidents, and one of the most beloved for a lot of people. Of course the president can ask whatever he wants. It just sounds like Murphy was not expecting that.

Obama: Asking the Important Questions


Murphy also says that there's a picture of him and Obama in the White House on the day the comedian accepted the Mark Twain Prize.

And when that photo was taken, the question of Eddie Murphy's hair rinse was just hanging in the air like a fine perfume.

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