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1. Always On That Grind

Is there anyone in the world who works out harder than The Rock? If his Instagram shows even a fraction of the pain and sweat that he puts into the gym, then the answer is "absolutely no one." The swole king of Hollywood is constantly encouraging his followers to be the best they can be and is living by example with his continual pursuit of greatness.

2. Opening Up About His Motivation

In a new Instagram video, Johnson takes his followers into his "iron paradise," showing off his extensive gym that gets him in fighting shape for films like Hobbes and Shaw and Jumanji. He reveals his weight -- 270 pounds -- and calls himself a "lean, mean, sexiest-man-alive machine."

On a chalkboard in the space, his latest mantra can be seen: "I do anything like I do everything! with all I got."

3. The Importance Of A Cheat Meal

The only thing Johnson loves documenting more than his workouts are his cheat meals, and the latest involves two pints of ice cream and a massive homemade cobbler. Work hard, play hard, right?

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