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Steak Fanatic


Drake really likes Chicago Cut Steakhouse. This is a known fact.

Refinery 29 came out with a list in 2016 of celebrities with their favorite foodie hangouts, and there was Drake with Chicago Cut.

It seems he's always there. As far back as 2014, Drake was found DJ'ing there for friends at a private gathering, even though Chicago Cut isn't really a place known for hosting concerts.

Drake's Motto Is Drink Up

One big reason why Drake likes Chicago Cut may come down to a nearly bargain-basement wine: Santa Margherita.

Drake also mentioned the wine in his 2011 song "The Motto" with the line "We got Santa Margherita by the liter."

Wining and Dining


What does that have to do with Chicago Cut?

The eatery has literally hundreds of different types of bottles of wine, on the order of nearly 600. For one restaurant to have that many on the menu is a feat in itself. So surely they have his go-to drink.

Giphy | ESPN

The restaurant even has a page where the website calls out celebrity visitors by name.

There's a lot of sports stars, including basketball coach and legend Patrick Ewing.

Since Drake is often spotted on the court watching his teams, then it stands to reason he might eat with a few of his idols.

So next time you're in Chicago, maybe stop off there for a chance to see Drizzy raising a glass.

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