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Drake Booed At Camp Flog Gnaw

Tyler the Creator held his annual Camp Flog Gnaw music festival over the weekend, and things were going great until the "mystery guest" was brought on stage.

Apparently much of the crowd thought they were getting Frank Ocean, but instead, Drake walked out.

Drake dedicated his set to Tyler, who has been running Camp Flog Gnaw since 2012.

"I'm doing this for my brother Tyler, who started this [event] from nothing. That's not easy. Tonight, I felt like I had to touch this stage because I'm proud of my brothers, I'm proud of you."

Surprisingly, some in the crowd started to boo him; some could be heard saying "We want Frank." Clearly, Frank wasn't going to come out, so it's unclear what the crowd expected to happen.

Singer Was On His Best Behavior


Video of the disaster shows Drake trying to support fans, and being gracious to the angry crowd.

"If you want me to keep going, I'll keep going," he said. One or two people can be heard yelling "no." Then Drake walked off the stage, simply saying "It's been love."

"I love y'all. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me," he said.

That's being pretty gracious to a crowd who just booed him off the stage.

Did He Really Deserve This?

It seems like many on social media were taking Drake's side in the matter. Fans on social media applauded Drake for taking the high road, and the crowd was not given a pass for their behavior.

"Drake takes the W for how he handled it. Shit crowd," wrote one person.

"Looking over my vids and tyler was so happy. Drake didn’t deserve to go out the way he did," wrote @Jayzuesss.

After the news circulated on social media, singer Abra reacted on Twitter. Like many others, she acknowledged that being a mystery artist was one thing; having to lift up an angry crowd of people is something totally different.

"Drake is one person having to give life and energy to a crowd of ungrateful people. To try and pull off a hype/fun show in the face of a sea of humans booing at you... I can't even imagine what that would do to my spirit."

Difficult To Watch

R&B star Kehlani wrote, "Drake handled that [situation] so raw. Respect." Kehlani later deleted that message, and wrote that Drake was the GOAT.

Radio host Michelle Grace Hunder weighed in on the incident. "Just watched the Drake video. That is brutal. Made me feel sick."

'It's Not That We Were Entitled'

At least one person who was in the crowd that night defended themselves on social media.

"ITS NOT THAT WE WERE ENTITLED, ITS THAT DRAKE LITERALLY SAID “IM ONLY SUPPOSED TO DO THREE SONGS...” we were hyped, but then... he kept going? Why wouldn’t he just say he was the closer?? #campfloggnaw2019," wrote @lolcantpickname.

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