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Drake Gets Epic Bar Mitzvah Do-Over, Mazel Tov!

By TheBlast Staff

Drake had an epic 31st birthday celebration last night ... and branded it as his "Re-Bar Mitzvah."

Tons of celebs showed up to schmooze at Poppy nightclub Monday night, including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Usain Bolt.


Drake's Bar-Mitzvah had all the staples: themed cups, photo booth, live entertainment, a giant crazy light-up sign with his name, and of course a football themed candy bar to nosh on.

They even had pizza boxes printed up with little Drake from the first time he became a man at 13-years-old.

Unlike most Bar Mitzvahs, Drake had an meshuggeneh marching band bring out a truckload of champagne.


Instagram: @sunofhollywood


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