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Sandra Lee, or Dr. Pimple Popper, everyone's favorite gross-out doctor, is back with two more precious treats for us.

She posted video of a double lipoma removal, and though we don't know what part of the body this is happening in, we do know that you shouldn't look at it while eating your lunch.


As she's performing the procedure, you can hear her say, "Did you feel that pop?" And the patient says, "I did not feel anything."

That's reassuring.

"Well good, that's even better," she says as she takes some tweezers and pulls out a nasty lipoma.

Capping Off Your Week Right

Giphy | DKISS

She then moves the dressing over and does it again. This lipoma is slightly bigger, but at this point, does size even matter anymore?

This footage is not as bad as other Pimple Popper videos out there. It's not like a massive explosion of innards, but for people who like popping pics, this should make their day.

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