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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Massive Whitehead Pop Out Looking Like A Tiny FACE, You Have To See This!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about the be blown right off of her doctor's chair after this massive whitehead squeezes out looking like a tiny little FACE!! You gotta see this!

"Okay #popaholics let me hear from you! 🗣 Ear cyst or Back cyst which is your favorite?! #drpimplepopper" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video, not mentioning the scary movie that is about to unfold!

In the clip, she handles this ear like she would any other monster zit, but just wait until you see what happens...

Take A Look!

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Just Wait Until You See This!!


At first, it the good doctor decides to slice into this guys' earlobe, so she can get easy access to the whitehead and then uses both hands to give it a good squeeze!

"That is so F’n crazy!! 😂 I’ll never get use to seeing these videos," one fan wrote as it started to pour out...

Another added, "There's nothing else like a good ear pop."

Now, brace yourself for one of the scariest things we have ever seen on Dr. Pimple Popper! The tiny FACE that is about to pop out!

Here You Go!

You See The Little Face...RIGHT?!!


You see it right?!!

"She totally squeezed a tiny face out of this ear lobe 😂😂😂😂😂" a fan posted after seeing it!

If you look close, you can see it appears to have two eyes, a nose, and even a mouth! Of course, Dr. PP doesn't even mention it and continues to move right past it!

To be fair, there is also a giant whitehead about to pop all over the place and that is her real job here, but man was that nuts!

Keep Scrolling To See It Explode!

See Massive Whitehead Explode!


"As much as I love to watch these videos, I always wonder the same thing....How Did It Get So Big??? I get a tiny spot and I'm all over it. But I get a tummy ache and don't see the dr until I'm septic? 🤣 ah well," a fan posted after watching it start to fly!

Good point!

Another added, 'If I had something like that on my ear, I would have popped it myself."

Bottom line, "Ear, back, head, leg ... doesn’t matter - just love when you get the whole sack in a squeeze or two!!:"

Watch It FLY!

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