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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Whitehead Get 'Punched' Looks Like A Bullet Hole!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper decided to break out the big guns on this one!!

Dr. Sandra Lee broke out her 'punch' tool to help squeeze out the core of this massive whitehead...and it turns out there was a giant cyst living underneath the skin too!

"Tried to hideout but a popaholic can spot a pop from a mile away! 👀" she captioned the new video.

She isn't kidding, you can't hide from the master! And just wait until you see just how gnarly this monster is after she gets her hands on it!

Take A Look...

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It's About To Explode!


In the video, Dr. PP first uses both hands and tries to squeeze this bad boy out of it's hole. But, at some point it becomes apparent that she is going to have to break out the punch tool!

The good doctor punches her way in...and of course, this thing leaks out its insides as it should!

"I need to know what the difference is between cutting it open and using the hole punch thing?" one fan asked.

"This one looks like it hurts to pop," another said.

Yes, It DOES! You gotta see this!

Here It Comes!!


"Back cheese," a fan wrote after watching it start to explode!

As always, the popaholics had to compare it to food after seeing it! But, we love it!

"Doesn’t the squeezing hurt? I have cystic acne on my chin and I swear freakin sunshine makes it hurt lol," someone asked. The answer is YES, but the doctor numbs it before she goes to town!

Another fan wrote, "Hide and go seek champion you are!🙌Get itttttt!"

You have to see the whole video! The hole it leaves looks like a bullet hole wound!!

Here You Go!

Look At The Size Of This HORN!


Ok, this is on of the craziest things we have ever seen on Dr. Pimple Popper!!

"A popaholic unicorn!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this massive beast!

In the video, you get to see this monster horn get sliced and diced by the good doctor and the gunk starts pouring out! -- and it is NUTS!

"Omg can anybody tell me how long does it take for a cyst to grow like this? 😱" You have to see this!

How good? This is one fan's reaction, "Oh wow this is like one of the best! All oozing out! ❤️"

Keep Scrolling...

It's Gooooooo Time!!


After the doctor slices into this monster, it blasts all over the place! It's amazing!

"Apple sauce," one fan said. Not what we would have gone with...but good eye!

"This is so disgusting 😂btw I feel bad for the guy tho," another wrote.

A few fans agreed, it must have been hard walking around with that on your forehead. "That poor kid. I can't imagine what he went through in school," a fan pointed out.

"Need a scratch and sniff card to get the full effect," Ok, that's too far. But, we like it!!

Here It IS!!

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