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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Forehead HORN Burst Liquid 'Rice Pudding!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has seen it all, but a forehead HORN that needs to be popped is taking it to a whole different level!

"A forehead horn that was just waiting to be popped 👀💥," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the newest Instagram video, what she didn't mention is how brutal this massive growth actually is -- and how she is going to attack it!

In the video, she uses the good ol' slice and dice method and this thing explodes!

Check This Out!

Slice And Dice!


At first, the most obvious question is WHY you would let this thing grow so big?! "I would have popped long ago," a fan posted after seeing the stunning video.

"Right? Want some rice pudding? 😉" another responded.

As the good doctor slices into this monster, a white/yellowish liquid comes pouring out that looks just like pudding!

"You are amazing.. sitting here mesmerized 😳 and thinking I can do this to one of my friends 😂😂," a fan posted.

You Gotta See This!

Here It Comes!


"His skin is so smooth. That’s going to heal in such a satisfying way 😍," a fan posted.

We hope so because this thing was a giant horn before the doctor got her hands on it, but in the end, she is actually able to put it all back together.

This pop is GREAT, only one person had an issue which is a good point. "So random but my BIGGEST pet peeve is that you always wipe away the pimple stuff instead of putting it to the side for viewers to see everything that came out😂 I wants ta see it!"

Here You Go!

It's Rice Pudding Time!!


As you can see, this thing was loaded full of think liquid that came pouring out as soon as she got her hands on it.

"So jealous I wish I was doing this pop. I don’t have the medical training thanks for sharing with us. Amazing," a popaholic wrote. "omg I don't know why I'm so ADDICTED to this account!! 😩😍😭," another added.

You have to see this whole video, not only does this horn explode all over the place, but Dr. Lee cuts the entire sac out of his forehead.

Take A Look!

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