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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This 'Epidermoid Cyst' Come Gushing Like A Waterfall!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper handles all kinds of brutal cysts and growths, but this is one of the craziest we have ever seen!

"Inflamed Cyst 😡 This is what happens when an epidermoid cyst ruptures, creating an inflammatory response from the body," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram. Adding, "The area around the cyst is very red and irritated looking, that’s because the skin has become warm to touch, and painful due to pressure and swelling. I did an I&D (incision and drainage) to relieve the contents and some of the pressure!"

Check This Out!

Here It Comes!


In the mind-blowing video, Dr. Lee slices open the top of this monster cyst and it begins POURING out like a gushing waterfall!

"I bet that’s been hurting him for a while 😞," a fan wrote after seeing it explode. Another added, "I feel sorry for the person with it as I know they’re so painful, but they’re my favorite to watch."

"APOPalypse," a popaholic simply wrote.

As you can see, the good doctor pulls slices on two sides of the skin and opens it up to access the cyst inside. Of course, it explodes and she doesn't even need to squeeze!

Check This Out!

Pouring Out Like A Waterfall!!


"Would this be chewy like old gum or soft like pasta?" one fan wrote. We knew a good food comparison was on its way!

"Inflamed cysts and waterfall cysts are my favorites 👌I had one of those on my chest for years then about a year ago it got very angry and it opened up and drained for a week before I could get an appointment with my dermatologist," one show fan wrote.

But, that's not all! You gotta see the good doctor tear out the empty sac after the cyst is done pouring!

Here You Go!

See The INSANE Video!


"AND now I regret my decision to watch this while eating my soup...😟," a fan wrote.

This extraction is so good, the doctor even holds up the pieces and shows them to the camera. "Looks just like the egg nog I’m currently drinking 😬," a person wrote. Adding, "The next thing you know you’ll have your own Starbucks drink named after you! 😆"

Trust us, this video is brutal and you have to watch the entire thing unfold from start to finish! This show is the best!

Watch This!

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