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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Giant Earlobe Cyst Open Up And Pour Like A Faucet!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is used to dealing with earlobe cysts, but this one is horribly inflamed and what comes pouring out of this massive growth will blow your mind!

"Ever seen an inflamed earlobe cyst? 😡 🔥 Well, now you have! This patient had an inflamed cyst that I performed an Incision and Drainage on and then he came back to have the cyst fully excised!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

In the clip, the good doctor not only slice open the front side, she actually lays open the backside too!

You Gotta See This!

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It Looks Like A Mouth Opening Up!


If you look closely, the doctor makes an incision on the backside of the earlobe first, and it opens up looking like a big mouth!

"I’m always amazed at how much stuff comes out of ear cysts," one fan wrote after seeing it start to pour. In the video, a yellow-white substance comes pouring out of the earlobe. "This one looks like it was super painful. 😳" another popaholic added.

We have to agree, "It's amazing how much gunk can come out of an earlobe."

Watch This!

Here It Comes...


The amount of gunk that comes pouring out of this small earlobe is incredibly impressive. It just keeps coming and coming!

"He must’ve been completely relieved from pain by having it drained !!!" a fan wrote. We agree, it seem the pressure was building up for a long time.

The best part, the doctor then flips the ear over and slice into the other side to get all of the cyst out! "More!!!!! Oh I thought the first was just too good and then the second squish was just 🙌🏻" a fan said.

Here You Go!

BAM! It's Earlobe Popping Time!


"Holy moly! Or should I say, ‘hole-ey?’ Lol. That was awesome," was one follower's reaction to the video!

Another added, "How does all that too pack into one tiny space?"

As always, a few fans decided to compare its contents to their favorite food dishes. But, we will leave that up to you this time!

Of course, the doctor got a few requests for business, including, "I can’t wait to get my bump removed!! Waiting for the inflammation to stop and then it’s bye bye cyst!!! 👋🏻 going to your office in a week! 🙌🏻🙌🏻"

Watch The Whole Video!

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