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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This 'Cream Cheese' Filled Massive Cyst Explode!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is facing one of the biggest face cysts we have ever seen! Plus, just wait until you see the amount of gunk that comes flying out of this massive cyst!!

"Cysts you gotta love em!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video. Obviously, it isn't as scary to her as it is to us!

As you can see, the good doctor marks the area with a black marker where she is going to make a slice -- and you know what happens next!

Here We Go!

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Just Wait Until You See This!!


In the clip, the doctor carefully cuts open the top of this huge cyst, then begins to squeeze both sides to start the popping process!

"Ohhh woowwww I was first to like 😱😱" one fan wrote after watching the explosion begin...

"Yummy," another wrote after seeing the consistency of the yellowish-white liquid that starts gushing out of this guy's cheek!

As you can imagine, the amount of puss inside this monster is WAY more than you can imagine, or it wouldn't have made the show!

Check This Out!



"Wow... like cream cheese... ewww" a fan blurted out after seeing it blast!

Ya, ok this massive load of gunk does kind of look like something you could spread on top of your bagel. But, we would like to stop imagining it -- thank you very much!

"This one was one of the good ones👏👏👏" another fan posted after seeing the doctor start squeezing!

Just wait until you see the huge amount of stuff that continues to pour, its the BEST ever!

Keep Scrolling...

Here It Comes!!


In the end, the good doctor begins the process of cutting and tearing out the sac that held this massive growth together, and it is priceless.

"That's like a big bit of lobster your pulling out there lol," one fan posted.

Again, we would like to stop making food references for things like this, but we know it is so fun!

"I feel 100% incomplete when you don’t show the entire sac removal. 😔" another added.

Well, take a look at the WHOLE video and watch the process from beginning to end!

Here You Go!

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