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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This 'Cheeky' Cyst EXPLODE Out Of Patient Face!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has the perfect way for you to start your labor day weekend, and it includes a giant cheek cyst exploding all over her office!!

"Cheeking our way into the weekend! Happy Friday," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned her new Instagram video, and by the looks of it she isn't kidding!

In the clip, the good doctor attacks a massive growth that has planted itself on the side of this gentlemen's head, and let's just say it is ready to fire upon contact!

Watch This!

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This Is Getting Very 'Cheeky'!!


As normal, Dr. Lee cuts open the top of the skin and carefully slices into the sac that is holding the mess inside!

And then....BAM!

"I find it amazing just how much stuff can pack into one Cyst sack! Especially on the face where the skin over the bone is not that thick!" one fan wrote after seeing it start to fire!

"Is it wrong that I can eat a breakfast burrito while watching this?!?" another added. No, but you may want to hold your breath on this one!

Check This Out!

Here It Comes!!


"The stuff coming out must smell awful," a popoholic wrote.

Ya, that was our point...this massive cyst looks like it has been fermenting for a while!!

"Amazing how much septic stuff collects inside!" another said.

In the video, the doctor gives it a couple of huge squeezes and this thing begins firing out a liquid that is chunking and yellow in color!!

"You are very good Dr... Excellent extraction 👏👏👏," a fan wrote after watching the careful process unfold. It is amazing!!

You Gotta See This Video!

See The Exploding Video!!


"Cheeky little bugger," a fan joked after seeing the exact location of the cyst.

"Love watching all you’re videos you have such a lovely way with all your’re patients. Love the Irish music I’m over here in Northern Ireland keep the posts coming 😊" another fan said.

Oh ya, we forgot to mention, Dr. Lee starts playing Irish folk music as the cheek cyst is exploding out of this guy's face!

You've got to see this entire video, trust us, it's a great way to start the holiday weekend!

Happy Labor Day!!

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