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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This 'Olive' Cyst Explode And Roll Right Off The Table!

By Mike Walters

It takes a lot to shock us after seeing so many of Dr. Pimple Popper's masterful videos, but this one made even the most seasoned popaholics blush.

It all starts where Dr. Sandra Lee has just sliced open the top of this gentlemen's scalp and is attempting to squeeze this cyst out...just like she would in any other case.

But, this time, instead of a boatload of liquid coming flying out of it, a rock hard bolder comes rolling right out of the sac. It is INSANE!!

You Have To See What This Looks Like!

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See The Rock Hard Olive Fly!


"Forget stop and roll, we’re all about POP and ROLL here!" Dr. Lee captioned the new video.

She is not kidding...this pilar cyst is so hard and dried up it actually ROLLS right out of the head and onto the table! You have to see this!

You can tell that the good doctor was not expecting that to happen and is pumped when she picks it up of the table and realizes what just happened...

The best part didn't even take much squeezing for it to come flying has been ready for a long time!

Scorll Down To See It ROLL....

It Rolled Right Out Of His Head!!


"Wow that was a great pop drop and roll," one fan wrote after watching the video.

Once you see the greyish looking rock hard cyst, it's obvious what fans are going to say next..."Looked like an Olive fell Out!" and another added, "A little olive."

It actually does look exactly like an olive! Take a hard look at that even has the little area where the pit would be, it's unreal.

"Great at lunchtime," someone wrote on Instagram. "That was Dead, and dried up, So satisfying!" another said.

We have to agree with this last comment, "I wish I made pearls." Us too, this person's body actually made that thing!

Watch This Baby Roll!

You Know This One's Going To Hurt!


Dr. Pimple Popper is being very careful on this one because of where the cyst is located, but careful or KNOW this one has to hurt for sure!!

In this clip, Dr. Sandra Lee is forced to tackle a giant cyst that has grown in right below this person's know how bad those ones feel!

So, she slices the top open and goes to town, but you will never believe how much actually comes pouring out of this bad boy!

"I guess you can say his brows are poppin'" one fan posted after seeing it start gushing!

It looks like "Blue cheese" another person pointed out on Instagram after watching the video...

See It For Yourself!

It's 'Blue Cheese' Cyst Time...Here It Comes!


If you think this ends with just that first little pop you are sorely mistaken...the doctor goes in for a second and third squeeze and that's when the real party begins!

"It looks like a green baby Yoda coming out!" one fan posted. Take a hard look at it...we thing they may have a point!

This cyst is so massive inside, some are wondering... "So was that affecting his vision or putting pressure on the eyeball in any way? That cyst is in a crazy position.. yikes."

"Yikes ‼️‼️‼️. That must have been there a while‼️‼️ Before the pop that must have been so painful," someone added.

You have to see this one for yourself, but watch it all the way to the end, trust us it takes a while for it to stop pouring!

Here You Go!

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