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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Nose Explode Into TONS Of Little Squirting Whiteheads!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Poppper isn't trying to extract a massive cyst in her latest pop video, instead, she is taking on a HUGE amount of little whiteheads that come exploding out of this nose all at once!!

In the clip, the doctor decided to play this pop session with music from the late Bill Withers in the background.

"Rest In Peace #billwithers 😢Let’s lean on each other and I hope this POP provides many of us with some," Dr. Pimple Popper captioned the video.

Now, back to the massive popping session, check this out!

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Check Out The MASSIVE Amount Of Whiteheads!


As you can see, the good doctor breaks out her popping tool to get after this massive minefield of whiteheads...and it is awesome!

The tip of his nose explodes the second she touches it with her too, and white gunk flys all over the place.

"Bro just cut the whole nose off at that point," one joked. Adding, "Took a while for me to be sure that it was a nose!"

"Squiggle Worms!" another said.

Just wait until you see how much actually comes out of this bad boy!

It Is Exploding!!


"That's unreal how much stuff can come out of a nose! I'm sure they have been in his nose-forever!!?!" one fan said after seeing they explode.

One person had a great explanation for what this nose looks like when it pops, "It looks like a strawberry and the whiteheads are seeds 😂😩" It totally does!!!

It looks like "Grated parmesan 🧀"Why does his nose remind me of a troll's from Onward?😂"

If you think the pictures are brutal, just wait until you see the video!!

Here You Go!

The Biggest Lipoma Ever!


Dr. Pimple Popper has a MASSIVE cyst on her hands in this case, and what comes out of this thing is as gnarly as you think it is!!

"A surprisingly big lipoma and it’s still going!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video. You think?!!

In the video, at first, it almost appears that this is just a big love handle that has just grown bigger that the other side But, turns out it IS a giant lipoma...and the doctor slices and dices it right out of her patient.

Take A Look!

BAM! It Looks Like A Brain Fell Out!


As you can see, after the doctor opens up the top of the skin, a huge brain looking cyst comes flopping out of the body.

"Holy hell😝" a fan writes after seeing this massive cyst!

Another person commented, "OMG what a big lipoma!"

"How can you see where lipoma and regular tissue ends? It is amazing how you can discern the edges!" Now, that's a good question!

This thing has to hurt correct??-- "So I'm guessing there are no pain receptors in the far? It might be a stupid question?" a fan pointed out.

Watch The Video!

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