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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Cyst Which Grew A Fingernail Inside Patient's Neck!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a way of getting even the toughest pimples to do what she wants them too...and that is exploding all over the place once she gives it a good ol' squeeze. That's exactly what happens here!!

"Steatocystoma & sac removal!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video. That explanation does it no justice! Yes, its a steatocystoma, but it is a lot more fun than it sounds!

In the clip, the doctor slices open the top of this thing and goes to town!

Take A Look!

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Here Comes A 'Fingernail' That Grew Inside A Neck...


As she begins to squeeze a yellowish substance comes flying out of this patient's neck. It literally looks like a fingernail has been growing inside of her body!

"My dream pop right here!! 😍" one fan said after seeing the curly looking substance start making its way out.

Another added, "That twist pull though!!🙌🙌👏👏"

That one did not want to come out! Your work is so amazing, love all your posts 😁, one fan said after watching the doctor rip this thing out!

Pass the butter, please.

Woah!! Take A Look At That One!


Take a look at how it continues to curl up onto Dr. Lee's is brutal!

"This little thing looks soooo annoying Ooooo for some reason that bothered me lol," one fan pointed out after seeing how hard it was to pop.

In the video, the good doctor is forced to use forceps and rip open the inside before it will pop!

"What’s the safest way to pop these by yourself? Idk about everyone else, but normal medical services (including dermatology) are suspended for me," one fan asked.

Just Watch Dr. Pimple P!

It's An EASTER Bunny Cyst!!


We are all in need of a little holiday cheer, and this latest Dr. Pimple Popper video is exactly what we needed for Easter!

In this clip, the substance that comes squirting out of the patient actually looks like one of those chocolate Easter bunnies you see at the store!

"A little hide and seek with this fella!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video on Instagram.

You have to see how crazy this is...the good doctor has to slice into the patient with her scissors then spread them open to get at it!

You Have To See This!

Take A Look At This Surprise Holiday Gift!!


"I can usually watch all of your videos with no problems; this one got to me though with the jabbing of the scissors! I’m sure it just looks worse than it really was," someone said while watching it!

Look at this bad boy!! -- It is an EASTER BUNNY!!

You have to see that, right?! -- "Totally looked like a miniature chocolate Easter bunny when it popped out," a fan posted. For sure!!

"Did anyone else see an Easter bunny-shaped cyst? 😁" another added.

Of course, we saw it, but you have to see the entire video to get the surprise!!

Watch The Video!

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