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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This HUGE Cyst Come Flying Out Of Patient Named 'Momma Squishy!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has many patients that come through her door for some pimple popping -- but none better than a patient with so many growths the nicknamed her "Momma Squishy." This is one of her greatest pops of all time!

"Momma Squishy Time!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video, which includes TWO great pop sessions.

In the clip, you can see that this is no ordinary Whitehead, in fact, this cyst is so large it makes a noise when it finally fires out!

Take A Look!

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Watch The Shocking Explosion!!


To start, Dr. Lee slices open the top of the skin, so she can get directly at the insides of this cyst. But, in this case, it's not as easy as it sounds!

At first, the cyst refuses to pop...and Dr. Lee is forced to get double-handed about it to put in a proper squeeze! "Those dark moles, though..." one fan wrote...more worried about the cancerous looking mole than the actual cyst.

To be honest, many fans of the show are thankful for these videos while we sit at home under quarantine! Just wait til you see what happens next!

Keep Scrolling...

WHAMMO!! Looks Like A Whole Egg!


BAM! Look at the size of that nugget!

It looks like a whole hard-boiled egg just flew out of Momma Squishy and onto her skin!

"Did anyone else go Yes when it popped out 😂" one fan said. That is exactly what we did when we saw the video! You gotta see this!

"Oh mama soooo satisfying," another person wrote.

The best reaction..."Can you squeeze my cellulite out like that plz and thank you 😂" It is so big, it probably feels like she just lost some weight!

Now, Watch This Video!

Now, This Is A HUGE Lipoma...


Dr. Pimple Popper takes on some MASSIVE lipoma's and this ins one of the biggest we have ever seen!

"Saying Adios to this lipoma! 👋🏻 It was a long goodbye," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video. Just wait until you see why the good doctor called it a 'long' goodbye. Ya, its going to blow your mind!

Of course, the doctor is forced to slice into this bad boy, and what happens next is incredible. A HUGE lipoma is ripped from inside of this patient by Dr. Lee!

You Have To See This!

Watch It Get RIPPED Out Of Patient!


Look at the size of that thing!! This video is shocking!

Dr. Lee is forced to literally RIP the contents of this cyst...right out of the patient."I struggle to watch these ones," one fan wrote after watching the video.

"Huge! Mild Cheddar," one popaholic wrote after seeing it!

As you can see, the doctor begins to pull and rip the lipoma out of the body, and it forced to star cutting it off when she is done.

"Wonder if it feels like when you pull the fat off raw chicken 😳" one person asked. Adding, "I wish I could be grabbing that lipoma out!"

Check It OUT!!

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