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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The HUGE Lipoma Ripped Out Looking Like 'Raw Chicken!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has a HUGE challenge on her hands on this one, just look at how enormous this lipoma is that grew on the patient's side. Plus, just wait until you see what's on the inside!!

"Saying Adios to this lipoma! 👋🏻 It was a long goodbye," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video. Goodbye is correct, after the doctor slices this thing open and starts to rip it out of the body!

In the video, you can see the doc lines up the area she is going to slice into, and goes to work!

You Gotta See This!

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This Lipoma EXPLODES Out Of Patient's Back!


This popping session is incredible, just take a look at the size of the lipoma that comes out of this patient.

BTW -- What you see here is only the first HALF of what comes out of this hole!

We have never seen anything like this one! Even fans are saying, "Someone pls tell me what that it seems different to everything else she's pulled out." Another one added, "I struggle to watch these ones."

"Huge! Mild Cheddar," one popaholic wrote after seeing this bad boy!

Take A Look!

WOW! Look At What Comes Out!!


Once the doctor gets her hands on the giant lipoma she literally starts to RIP it out of the patient's body!! "Wonder if it feels like when you pull the fat off raw chicken 😳" one fan asked.

Either way, watching her rip it out is one of the craziest things we have ever seen!!! "I wish I could be grabbing that lipoma out!" a fan asked.

The best reaction to the video actually came in Spanish, "por eso no como Pollo," which translates to, "that's why I don't eat chicken." Exactly.

Watch The Video!

Just Wait Til You See What Happens Next!

In some cases, it is not the size of the pimples that makes the videos Dr. Sandra Lee shares awesome, it can be how many pop at ONCE!!

In this clip, the good doctor breaks out her zit popping tool and goes to town on this patients nose.

Once she gets started, a huge minefield filled with whiteheads starts to blast all over the place!

"Bro just cut the whole nose off at that point," one fan joked.

"Squiggle Worms!" a popoholic added.

'Wiggle Worms!' Whiteheads EVERYWHERE!

BAM! Look at the tons of gunk that comes flying out of this guy's nose.

In the video, they all pop at the same time! It is awesome!

"That's unreal how much stuff can come out of a nose! I'm sure they have been in his nose-forever!!?!" one person said.

"It looks like a strawberry and the whiteheads are seeds 😂😩" It totally does!!! one fan of the show explained. It looks like 'Grated parmesan 🧀'

One jokester wrote, "Why does his nose remind me of a troll's from Onward?😂" Watch The Video!

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