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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Monster 'Heart Shaped' Forehead Lipoma Get Ripped Out!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to take on a very sensitive and shocking lipoma that has embedded itself on the forehead of this unfortunate patient. And, what finally comes out is shocking!

"It's #humpday and I've got a lovely lipoma for you! This patient came with hearts and love all around her, so it was only right to showcase that love in her lipoma removal... watch till the end!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

The good doctor uses the good ol' slice and dice method to open up the skin, and the video is insane!

Check It out!

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It's Slice & Dice Time!


In the clip, Dr. Lee uses several of her medical tools to pry open the top of the skin and access the inside of this massive growth.

After getting in deep, turns out the lipoma is one mass that she needs to cut out of the patient's forehead. So, she gets with it!

"This is so satisfying to watch 🙌," one fan wrote after seeing the video.

One popaholic actually asked a good question about this size of the lipoma. "How long would this take to form? Why don’t people get these removed sooner?"

See Below...

Watch This Monster Lipoma Get Ripped Out!


"Why take it out in pieces?" another asked.

Dr. PP doesn't explain exactly why she does what she does in the vidoe, but we are guessing she knows what he is doing! So, let's just watch her in action!

"Your my idol :)" a fan wrote.

"Lovely heart," another added. That's becuase as you will see the Lipoma is literally shaped like a heart when it gets taken out of the body. It is amazing!

Dr. Sandra Lee is getting tons of postivive response on IG, like. "💛you literally give people their lives back 💛👏👏👏👏👏" after fans see how brutal this case actually is!

Check This Out!

Take A Look At This!


As you can see, the massive growth is in the shape of a read and yellow heart. The good doctor actually takes the entire mass out of the forehead and places it on a piece of gauze to show the cameras what it looks like. It is awesome!

"Lipomas aren’t as satisfying for me as pimples, blackheads, etc," one fan wrote. Speak for yourself! We agree that having the monster pimples squirt all over the room is very satisfying, but there is something great about it all coming out in one piece!

Now, Watch The Video!

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