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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This MASSIVE 'Custard' Filled Cyst Explode After A Hard Squeeze!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to unleash a massive cyst, and when she squeezes this monsters a yellowish substance comes pouring out that will blow your mind!

"You know what that yellow ribbon means! Steatocystomas!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the Instagram video.

In the clip, you can see right away that after the good doctor opens up the top of the skin, the yellowish gunk comes firing right out before even being touched.

That's how she knows what it is right away! It's Steatocystoma time!

Take A Look!

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This Thing Is HUGE!!


Of course, Dr. PP grabs this monster by the horns and gives it a good squeeze!

"These are my favorite!!!!!!" one fan said after seeing it start blasting...

"Spread that one on your toast!" someone wrote.

As you can see, stuff starts oozing out of this cyst right away, but after the first squeeze a huge amount comes flying out.

"That's like some kind of serpentine 😅🙈" another popaholic wrote after seeing that it kinds of looks like a gross yellow snake wiggling its way out of the skin!

Keep Scrolling...

Watch The Monster BLOW!


"English custard!" a fan posted after seeing the gunk!

It looks like someone is squeezing custard inside of a toothpaste tube!

"Omg omg that sooo satisfying to see you get the sac out. I swear the anxiety builds but as soon as the sack is removed it's the best feeling in the world.😄❤️❤️" a comment read.

Another added, "That's a great one 👏"

We love reactions like this, "Hi my son is 5 years old he like to watch your video's ,at this moment he is watching Dr pimple Popper on tlc. He is so obsessed about you."

Here It Comes...

It's 'Custard Filling' TIME!!


"Welp, I'm making a list of rules for myself, and rule number one: Don't let me watch these while I'm messaging friends that are as crazy as me 😂" a fan wrote after seeing the video.

"One can totally get addicted to these popping videos you make. I mean, it’s like i just can’t wait till you post em. I see the notification “Drpimplepopper posted a video” and I’m like “oh there she is, finally”... 😂"


Now, watch the whole video you are not going to be disappointed!!

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