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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Head Shoot Out A 'Rubber Band' From Its Massive Cyst!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper took on a massive cyst that decided to embed itself underneath this patient's scalp, and when she gets to the core of this huge growth, its explosion is legendary!!

"Once upon a popping star, there were 3 little cysts just waiting to be popped!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the clip, as you can see, the doctor has to pull back this person hair to get at this monster. But, when she does...Dr. Lee decides to slice the top open so she can squeeze out the contents. It is INSANE!

Take A Look!

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You Know This One Is Going To Be Massive!!


At first, it looks like this cyst is going to come out as one whole piece...but during the first squeeze, it starts squirming out in a long string piece!

"This is soooo satisfying and Im not even ashamed," one person said after seeing it start flying...adding, "I am never NOT amazed at the size of these that are in the scalp."

You have to take a look at what this thing looks like once it starts to squirm out of it's hole. "It looks like a big rubber band!" Dr. Lee tells her patient.

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BAM! Rubber Band Comes Flying Out Of His Head!


Look at that crazy pop!!!

Fans are starting to thank Dr. Lee for sharing her pimple pops with us during the quarantine for Coronavirus.

"I nominate you for sainthood your are still delivering the suffering of humanity even in the face OF a terrible situation 😍May God give the strength to continue your amazing WORK May the peace and the blessings of the angels be WITH you Saint DR Lee," one fan wrote.

Now, back to the exploding scalp..."Looks like cheese whiz!! 😳😳"Put it this way, this video is so good, one popaholic reacted by saying, "My toes curled."

Watch This Crazy Video!

Check Out This Huge Cheek Cyst Explode!


Dr. Pimple Popper just tried her hand in the seafood business...well, not really, but she did squeeze out a baby shrimp from this patient's face!

"A baby shrimp cyst’ to help you stock up on those pops while we are social distancing!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the video, it appears this session is going to be standard Whitehead getting squeezed out...but after she slices it open, this thing comes out blasting!!

"This was absolutely satisfying. Like my anxiety went from an 8 to a 4," one person wrote after watching it in isolation. Another added, 'I’ll grab my popcorn for “Popflix” time!!"

"It does look like a prawn!" a fan agreed.

Take A Look!

It's 'Baby Shrimp' Time!!


"Looks more like a sand crab to me..." a fan posted. Ok, shrimp, sand crab..whatever! It looks like a sea creature!

Fans of the TLC show are continuing to thank Dr. Sandra Lee for providing pimple pop videos during this quarantine. "Thanks for the welcome distraction!!"

"GOO BE GONE! 👉🏻💥💥👈🏻 .. Us popaholics are all in this together," the good doctor wrote.

This thing is insane, one fan even said, "You're kinda putting all other dermatologists to shame.. especially when all the materials are evacuated in one move."

You Have To See This Video!

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