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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Man's Face EXPLODE 'Angel Hair Pasta' Out Of His Nose!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to see what happens when small nose whitehead packs a VERY powerful punch -- and you will never believe what comes out of these things!!

"Let’s get the weekend poppin’! 💥" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video.

In the clip, the good doctor takes on a patient's nose which is filled with HUGE whiteheads, and they are so deep, so if forced to break out her tools to get the completely emptied.

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As you can see, Dr. Lee uses her popping tool to dig deep into the patient's nose, and the white-yellowish liquid comes pouring out of his face!

"Where's the crackers?" one fan posted after seeing the consistency of the gunk squirting out of this guy's nose.

Like always, a few popaholics decided to share their food comparisons on social media and the first one has a little Italian flare!

"The angel hair pasta is where it's at," the fan posted. Just wait until you see why they think it looks like that!

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Here It Comes...


"I just don’t understand, like if my nose felt half as greasy and oily as that I would get the problem under control before this even got a tenth as so grateful to have good skin and only have a tiny zit on my face once a month," one frustrated fan wrote.

Another agreed, "I appreciate the work you do, but I don’t understand why people go to you to pop whiteheads or even extract blackheads when these are things that can be done at home without much fuss."

Here It Comes...

It's 'Angel Hair' Pasta TIME!!



Now, how can you not see the angel hair pasta in this photo! We are never going to be able to order that in a restaurant again!

You have to see the whole video, Dr. PP works her way around the guy's entire nose and it is one of the greatest videos of all time!

A few fans felt exactly like we did on a weekend night...."want to get a couple of bottles of wine and just watch these all night?" one asked.


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