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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Giant 'Meatball' Cyst Explode!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has her work cut out for her after she encounters one of the biggest arm cysts we have seen in a long time!

"Happy’s not too early for meatball cyst, right? TAG your Monday Morning Buddy! 👀😋" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the mind-blowing video! And, no, it's never too early for meatballs!

In the clip, the good doctor is forced to use the slice and dice method to open the top of the skin -- but when she does this thing comes out firing!!

You Gotta See This!

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It Is Looking At Me?!


At first, the doctor marks the area with a black pen where she is going to make the cut, and when she does, this thing starts to pour out like it has been waiting for years!

"I wanna see you remove the sac, that’s the best part. 💥," one person asked after seeing the giant hole it makes after it's finished!

"This was soooooooo satisfying to watch 😩🙌🏾," Ya, we know, join the club! A fan asked a simple but perfect question, "How can you let it get to this though? This would drive me insane."

Exactly! Now, Watch This Thing Fly!

Here It Comes...


"It looks like an Uncooked meatball," a popaholic wrote after seeing the greyest red insides of this massive cyst!

"The good ones always come with the 'sensitive content' warning 💦," another added. If you aren't a huge Dr. PP fan, they are describing the good doctor's IG page, where when she shares a REALLY good one, even Instagram has to throw up a warning. It's that good!

Now, we knew this one was coming..."Do they ever smell?"

The answer is...YES!

Watch This One, And You Decide!

BAM! Watch The Insane Video...Below!


Just take a look at the MASSIVE hole that is left after Dr. Lee squeezes all of the gunk out of this growth!

"I once opened a rotten Easter egg from the year before and it smelled like death!!! This reminds me of that egg...It's just like a very disgusting egg, which you should clean with a spoon 😂," a fan posted.

BTW -- "Is it weird that I wanted to see inside the cavernous hole that was left," a fan asked. No, we feel the same way. But, if you want to see how it ends, you gotta watch the hole video below!

Here You Go!

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