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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Giant Cyst EXPLODES Like An Erupting 'Volcano'!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to make everyone's 4th of July A LOT better after seeing the biggest cyst explosion in history!!

"Can’t contain my excitement because it’s FRIDAY! 🥳 Tag your weekend pimple-popping buddy!," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video.

In the clip, it is clear from the beginning that this cyst is dying to be freed from behind a thin layer of skin, and all it takes is a small slice and BAM the flood gates open up WIDE...

You Gotta See This!

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Just Wait For IT......


As you can see, as soon as the good doctor slices the top of this bad boy open, the creamy liquid start leaking out of the hole.

But, it's about to EXPLODE!!

"Who needs fireworks when you can watch this??," one fan said anticipating the crazy blast that is about to unfold....

Of course, the doctor gives it one good squeeze and the juice star GUSHING all over the room! "That erupted like a geyser! 😂-- It’s like a volcano 🌋"

Here You Go!

BAM!! -- Squirts Straight Into The Air!!


'My God,' is all one fan of the show could muster after seeing it blast!!

"I’d sell a kidney to be able to pop this one. So jealous," another added.

As you can imagine, the food references from all the popaholics flooded in and some are not that far off of reality. "Reminds me of pea soup," one person wrote. "It looks like chicken soup 😳😳," a IG fan added. Ok, stop now!

This one is so brutal, one fan even said. "I’d have given up my firstborn to pop this!"

Here It Comes Again!

You Gotta See This Video!!


"Holy Moly....that one was juicy!!" a fan posted after seeing the volcano cyst erupt again!

This cyst is FILLED with tons of gunk and continues to pour as the good doctor squeezes the last bit out of the growth. "This one actually got to me a little lmao," one fan wrote.

It begs the question, "What kind of cysts are these? I'd never seen one looking purple/dark before!" We don't know, but we like it!!

Take a look at the whole video it is amazing! Don't miss the very end where what's left looks like a gunshot wound!

Watch The Video!!

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