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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch A 'Piece Of Bacon' Come Flying Out Of This Head!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has to attack not one but TWO pilar cysts on this person's head, and when this thing looks like a piece of breakfast meat comes flying out of his head.

"Happy Monday! New exclusive pilar cyst, “Two Little Beans in the Scalp” Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

But, beans is not what comes out of the scalp in this clip. Instead, a multi-colored gunk blasts out of this head. You have to see it!

Of course, the good doctor has to slice the top open to get to the gold mine, but when she does it is GO TIME!

Take A Look...

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"That one kinda reminded me of bacon coming out.." one fan posted after seeing it for the first time.

The liquid that squirts out of this cyst actually has streaks of a dark color along with the standard white/yellowish tinted stuff.

"2 color looked like bacon, loved that 1," another fan added.

Shockingly, it turns out the person HAIR DYE has leaked into the cyst and caused the insides to change color. That's right, hair dye! "There was hair dye in this Pilar cyst! Pretty cool." someone said.

We have to agree with this one, "hair dye!!! Which means these chemicals really get into our scalp. Wow!"

Here It Comes...

Pieces Of Bacon Flying Out Of This Cyst!!


Take a look at this video, it is worth it. Once the juices start flowing this thing seems like it never ends.

"I'm so weird, but I love watching these. They're sooo soothing and relaxing," one popaholic wrote. Don't worry we all feel the same way!

One person decided to get very technical with the doctor and asked, "Why not just make a slightly longer incision so that you’re able to excise the cyst whole, rather than puncture the cyst and then have to pull the sack out separately, which increases the chances of potentially leaving pieces behind?"

Let's Just Dr. PP Do Her Job!

Watch The Video!

It's Pasta Noodle Time!


Dr. Pimple Popper decided to take this popping session and add classical music to it...and we have to be honest it fits perfectly with it! You have to see this...

"Because classical music goes well with POPS," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the video, the doctor uses her standard black marker to trace the outline of where she is going to squeeze, and when she does the shocking substance that comes flying out it crazy!

Oh ya, the fan commented,"That damn music gave me anxiety when it sped up." Ok, we are kind of feeling that too!

"That background music 😂 suits well!"

You Have To See This...

OMG! Is That For Real?!


"I like the stuff that squirts out but I don't like the sac part. Lol." a fan posted after seeing the Noodle fly out of this monster.

"I hope you are eating noodles when you see this," one comment on Instagram read. Another added, "Pimple string pasta comin right up!"

If you look closely, it does sort of look like a whole bag of tap ramon just came flying out of this whitehead. Right?!

"Wow you got some real nice ones on here they just keep on coming out 😍 dont stop it until you pop it," a person wrote.

Watch The Shocking Video!

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