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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Massive Cyst EXPLODE 'Wet Newspaper' After Being Squeezed!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper most likely gets her daily news online like the rest of us, but this day at the office, she was treated to a load of wet newspapers after squeezing this massive cyst!!

The good doctor attacked a sizable growth on this patient's body, but it was packed with way more than she expected and the video is insane!

"To check out this hidden gem Cyst! 💎 I've got a new SQUEEZABLE sneak peek for you!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video on Instagram. She is not kidding!

Check This Out!

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This Is About To Explode!!


As you can see, at first, Dr. Lee was forced to dig a bit deeper than the normal slice into the patient's skin. This thing looks like it has been growing for a while now!

"Anyone else grit their teeth and hold their breath while she’s squeezing??," one fan wrote after seeing the start of this clip.

You know what happens the doctor finally gets to her destination, she gives it a huge squeeze and crazy GREY liquid comes pouring out!

You Gotta See This!

Here It Comes!!


"Popalicious," one fan wrote.

"I'm loving this pop," another added.

But, this thing isn't done. The good doctor goes back for a second and third squeeze and it explodes!

Many fans of the show are letting the doctor know they are way more satisfied if she squeezes without the tools "Who thinks like me that it is wayyyyy more satisfying with the fingers instead of that damn tool 😫," a person wrote.

Also, "Why do they form in the first place?"

We don't know, but we know this video is nuts!

Take A Look!

It's 'Wet Newspaper' Time!!



It's a wet newspaper all over the place!

Just look at the grey clumps that come firing out of this cyst. It's unclear why the color is that way...but the doctor knows how to get at it!!

"I think you have one of the most satisfying jobs! I know I feel good and accomplished when you extract all these things! 😂" a fan posted. We agree!!

"I could watch this all day!" one popaholic wrote after seeing the video. Join the club!

You Have To See The Whole Video!

Here You Go!

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