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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This MASSIVE Cyst Fire Out 'Dijon Mustard' From Patient's Chest!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to get her hands on the gnarliest cyst we have ever seen!!

After all this time, it takes a lot to get us popoholics shocked by anything -- but this one is insane!

"POP SNEAK PEEK!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the newest Instagram video. It appears there may be more where this one came from. As you can see, it's so big, it's hard to tell where it is located. "What part of the body is that on?!?" a fan asked.

Well, It's on his chest, and it is BRUTAL!

Take A Look...

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Just Wait For It!!


In this case, Dr. Lee slices open the top of the skin to get access to the growth underneath. But, it is so thick and embedded, that she is forced to cut another piece of the sac away to be able to squeeze.

Once this massive cyst is set, the doctor gives it a good squeeze and a HUGE amount of yellow-greenish gunk comes flying out of it!!

"Omg it’s the exorcist vomit!!!" one fan says after seeing it blast.

Ya, it's that bad! You Gotta See This!

It's Honey Mustard Time!!


As in most cases, the popaholics can't help themselves and start comparing it to food products!

"It's like dijon mustard 😂" one fan wrote.

"It looks like Dijon honey mustard that got half dried out in the bottle and the nozzle got blocked so you took off the lid. Then you squeezed it out the bottle and you got... that! 😂😂😂" another added.

Wow it looks like the hummus sauce!! ......chips and dip anyone? 😭

As if that wasn't enough, the doctor continues to squeeze and this thing will not stop POURING out!

Check This Out!

Watch The BRUTAL Video!!


"Holy guacamole!" one fan perfectly describes what happens in this video.

It is insane! The amount of puss that was hiding inside of this cyst is mind-blowing...and it all comes crashing out!

"yaassss just enough!!! Whew!! 😅😅😅 ready for the next one!!!" one popaholic said who loved it!

"Would you like some mustard on your hot dogs? 😂👌🏼" another added.

If you are a fan of pimple popping this is the video for you. It even made a few of us veterans feel a bit queasy, that's how good it is.

Here You Go!

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