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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This MONSTER Head Cyst Come Flying Out Looking Like A Churro!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to take on a giant cyst that looks like someone smashed a bat over this patient's head -- and now he has grown a HUGE bump! But, you know what's inside of this one!

"🗣 HEAR ME POP! SWIPE for a slow and satisfying Pilar cyst squeeze!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

In the clip, as you can imagine, Dr. Lee if forced to slice the entire top of this massive cyst open so she can reach the inside. But, once she does...its go time!!

Check This Out!

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Check Out The Massive Head Cyst!


After the good doctor slices open the skin, she gives it a good squeeze and a steady stream of yellow goodness starts pouring out of the top!

"It amazes me how much crap gets trapped under skin," one person wrote after seeing it explode out!

If you look closely, one fan even pointe out as she moves her fingers, "You can see the stuff moving under the skin when she squeezes it."

One popaholic just said it straight, "It's HUUUUUGE!!!"

Adding, "That’s insane!!! Super satisfying 💓"

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Here It Comes!


"That definitely looks quite disturbing 😍" a fan commented.

In the video, the doctor explains how this type of cyst has a very thick wall on the inside, so it doesn't come pouring out like some of the other ones we have seen. But, it makes for an incredible shape!

"It is like a churro," a fan pointed out. It DOES look like a churro!!

Of course, the rest of the popaholics started to toss in their favorite food references, like, "It looks like manicotti!"

Watch It Fly!

See The SHOCKING Video! It's Churro Time!


Look at the size of that MONSTER!!

The yellowish stream continues to pour out of this man's skull as the doctor squeezes it! The video is amazing!

"It looks like you're squeezing a slug outta that hole!!" one person wrote, adding, "Holy goodness - this was majestic!"

Interestingly, in this case, fans were also very complimentary of the doctor for the style in which she stitched this one up -- because of it's location. "Wow doc .. more than taking the cyst out, I’m amazed how you stitched that remarkably 👏🏼"

Now, WATCH This Thing Explode!!

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