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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Take A Look At This Massive Cyst's Sac Removal, Pasta Shells Anyone?!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper usually cuts out the sac holding the biggest and the baddest of the cysts and pimples that walk into her office -- but's it's not always the sac removal is better than the squirt!!

"We all love a good pop, but let’s appreciate this cyst sac removal! Pasta shells anyone? 🍝," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the latest Instagram video.

In the clip, she teases us with what the final product looks like after she is done squeezing out its insides...and she is not joking!!

Take A Look!

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Watch This Monster Explode!


Let's not skip over some of the good stuff!

In the video, the good doctor slices open the top of this massive cyst, and of course, the gooey goodness comes pouring out of it!

It even makes a BIG pop as she is squeezing for a second time!

"My favorite part of any pop is the sac removal. So satisfying especially when it comes out nice like this one!!" one person commented after seeing the video.

You are going to have to keep scrolling to see the sac being cut out!

Here It Comes!


"Oh how I love it when your videos have a sensitive content warning on them, it means it’s gunna be a good one! 💚" another wrote.

As always, a few popaholics let everyone know their favorite food comparisons besides the obvious pasta shell one!

"Garlic Clove!" a fan posted.

"I think the sac was better than the ooze on this baby! 😘" another even said after watching the whole thing.

Now, just wait until you see what this sac looks like!

Check This Out!

Pasta Shell's Anyone?! See The Insane Sac Removal!!


"Ooooo! Best one I've seen in a long time!" a fan posted.

"Beautiful cyst sac removal!!!! 👌" another person wrote to Dr. Lee.

The best part, one IG user even pointed out that they had one of these suckers worked on but the doctor didn't pull out the sac! But, she's a Dr. PP fan so she knew better...

"I just had an abscess in my arm put lanced to drain. I asked about removing the sac since she didn’t and she asked me. You must watch Dr. Pimplepopper to know that!! I said of course I do! 💗🙏🏻But still she didn’t remove the sac," she wrote.

Here You Go!

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