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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This GIANT Lipoma Explode 'Raw Chicken' Out Of A Woman's Back!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to expose one of the biggest lipomas you have even seen -- and you will never believe what pours out from the inside!!

"Liberating Lipoma! - Talk about a weight off your back!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video on Instagram.

In the clip, you can see just how massive this thing has grown on this patient's body. Plus, for the record that is the side of her BACK, not a breast!

The good doctor slices this bad boy open, and all hell breaks loose!

Check This Out!

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What In The World Is THAT?!!


"How much did this weigh?? Must have been exhausted at the end of the day!!!" one fan wrote after seeing the size of the lipoma!

As you can see, the doctor was forced to make a large incision along the top of the cyst, so she could get her hands inside of the patient's bod to RIP this thing out!!

"Honestly thought that a breast at first glance," one popaholic wrote. Ya, so did we!

"Whoa 😳! That is massive! You take really great care of your patients 💕" another added.

You Have To See This!

Here It Comes!!


In the video, Dr. Lee begins TEARING what several says, "Looks like the value pack of chicken cutlets at Costco." It is amazing!

This massive lipoma is so big, the doctor can't even fit both hands around it as she is removing it from the patient's body...

"What is the heaviest Lipoma that you have removed?" one person asked. This sure looks like the biggest one we have ever seen!

"Hello, chicken breast meat!" is all one person could muster.!


See The Amazing Video!!


"I think this the biggest lipoma i’ve seen on your videos.🔥🔥🔥"

But, that brings us to the obvious point, how in the world does anyone let something grow to that size?! "I’ll never understand how people can walk around with something like that on their body!!!" someone said.

"That poor woman. That must have felt so liberating to finally have that thing removed. I’m happy for her 🙏🏼😊" a fan wrote.

Bottom line -- that is why we have Dr. PP!! She is the best!

Watch This Lipoma EXPLODE!

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