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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This HUGE Cyst Erupt 'Wet Newspaper' From Under A Tattoo!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper was forced to carefully remove this massive cyst, which grew right below this patient's tattoo -- and the size of what comes pouring out is UNREAL!!

"NEW CYST‼️ Watch the full sac removal in all its glory," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video. But, let us be clear, the sac is just the ending of a shocking pop video!

In the clip, the good doctor slices into the person's tattoo, right above where a MASSIVE cyst had grown underneath it..and this thing explodes!

Take A Look!

Watch This Massive Cyst Explode!!


As you can see, what starts squirting out of this opening looks like at stack of wet newspapers -- and there is WAY more than you think. You gotta see this!

"😍so good!!! Would have never thought a that would be in there," one fan wrote.

"Wow, you can see the actual pore open... That is so cool," another added.

Of course, the question came up whether or not the tattoo itself changed the color of the puss, "Does the ink from tattoos affect the color of the cyst contents ever?"

Just Wait And See...

Here It Comes...



It does appear the contents of this cyst did actually somehow gather some of the ink colors that was tattooed in the patient's skin!

"Tattoo ones are ALWAYS the BEST!! Does inking tend to lead to cysts?" one person asked. It unclear if it actually caused the cyst itself, but ones things clear -- it is awesome watching it come out!

Some of the cysts are so large, why do people wait so long to have them removed?

Well, as we always say if no one let them get so large, we wouldn't have Dr. Pimple Popper!!

Watch It Fly!!

It's 'Wet Newspaper' TIME!!


Check out the massive amount of newspaper looking gunk that came pouring gout of this cyst!!

"I have a cyst in my back underneath my tattoo. I haven’t had it removed because I’m afraid it will mess up the linework. This gives me a little hope!!" one person reacted after seeing the video!

Dr. Sandra Lee was even able to close the hole back up, after removing the sac, and fans asked, "Was it difficult to line up the scar with the tattoo? How do you keep the tattoo intact?"

She's the best! That's why...

Plus, that HAD to have smelled awful.

Here You Go!!

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