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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch This Enormous 'Cheek Cyst' POUR! This Explosion Is Brutal...

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper has to be VERY careful with this massive cyst that formed right below this patient's eye...and what's comes out from the inside is mind-blowing!

"A Cheeky Cheek Cyst! Happy Thursday!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video.

In the clip, the good doctor marks the spot where she will attempt to slice into this person's cheek RIGHT below their eyeball and it is scary!

But, when she opens is up all hell breaks loose and it is insane!

Take A look!

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See The Doctor Slice Into Massive Cyst!!


As you can see, the doctor uses the good ol' slice and dice method, and just seeing how close this scalpel comes to the eye is brutal!

"Omg! I think this one is by far the best one. It just starts coming out on it's own. It's hard to watch but you can't look away lol," one fan wrote after seeing it start pouring!

Another added, "That is gnarly."

You will never believe what actually comes out of this thing...

"Omg 🙈"

Here You Go!

Watch It POUR!!



Just take a look at the brownish-green liquid that starts pouring out of this woman's cheek! It is a mess!

That is nothing. The doctor continues by grabbing the cyst with both hands and squeezing it until the mass explodes all over the place!

"How do people let a bump get so big. I can’t comprehend this. I get a itty bitty thing and I’m on it," is the most common question.

We agree!

Now, just watch the amount of liquid that comes pouring out!

Keep Scrolling...

O.M.G.!! Look At This Gusher!



Now, that is a massive amount of gunk that continues to pour out of this woman's cheek.

Like we said, this is nothing compared to what continues to fly out of this massive cyst. You gotta see the whole video, it is nuts!

"Those are the best ones. The ones that just can't wait to get out!" one fan wrote, after seeing how this monster blasts as soon as the doctor touches it!

Now, do yourself a favor and watch the entire video!


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