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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Rips 'Baby Shrimp' Cyst Right Out Of This Patient's FACE!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is used to seeing the inside of massive zits and cysts that look like our favorite food items -- but this one looks so much like a piece of shrimp it is CRAZY!!

"It’s HUMPDAY! 🐫 Here’s a little humpday cyst in the head! I think it looks like a shrimp, what do you think?" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video.

In the clip, the good doctor is forced to slice open this gentlemen's face and rip the actual cyst right out of his cheek!

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Watch This Monster Explode!!


As she presses on the outside of the cyst, you can see that this monster is going to come out as a whole piece and not squirt across the room.

"Ha I’m having shrimp for dinner tonight, I’ll add it to my butter garlic sauce," one fan wrote after seeing it creep out.

"I’ll never be able to eat shrimp again," another added.

I see the shrimp... Maybe a hermit crab?

Just wait until you see the back end of this massive growth, it is mind-boggling...

Watch This!

Here It Comes...


"Omg love how the sac popped out like that 😍" a popaholic wrote after seeing the entire back end comes flying out intact.

"Holy moly it does look like a shrimp," another exclaimed.

The best part is that the cyst is attached to the inside of this patient's cheek, so Dr. Lee is forced to rip it out of his face! "I see the shrimp... Maybe a hermit crab?" a fan added.

"ewww I don’t think mine got stuff in It like that lol," was one response.

Here It Comes!

See The Shocking Video!!


So does it look like a shrimp?!

"It sure does, and as much as I love shrimp, thanks but no thanks," a fan posted. Ya, it's going to be hard to order a side of shrimp after this one...

As you can imagine, Dr. PP then is forced to cut the cyst from the patient's face and it is even more brutal than the pop!

"My hubby said that I’m obsessed with those videos! Yes I am!😁" a fan wrote. We are too!

Check Out The INSANE Video!

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