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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Cooks Up Her Own Edible Blackheads While Under Coronavirus Quarantine!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper just figured out a genius way of continuing to pop massive blackheads while quarantined due to the Coronavirus -- cook up your own edible version of them of course!!

The good doctor decided to bake up a special version of a 'skin square' that actually is loaded with chocolate sauce and, you guessed it, they POP!

Dr. Sandra Lee shared the video on Instagram, where she takes one of the squares and uses her tools to pop the top of it!

You Have To See This!

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Dr. PP Makes Edible Blackheads!! Take A Look!


"POPPING DISTRACTION," Dr. Lee captioned the video.

She added, 'Let’s change gears here a little but keep up with the POPPING. A great and SIMPLE cooking project invented by @blessedbybaking that you can do with your kids at home during SOCIAL DISTANCING. I LOVE these Rice Krispie Blackhead Treats. They are interactive! Get that pimple-popping fix in a FUN way at home!"

So yes, this is actually a Rice Krispie loaded with chocolate sauce on the inside, but it pops like a real blackhead!

These Things Actually POP!!


In the clip, Dr. Lee is talking to her fans just like in a normal pimple pop video, and she even breaks out her special blackheads tool to attack this sugary delight!

Popaholics loved it! "Omg this is the best! I’ve always wondered what a blackhead tastes like ..." one fans said.

Plus, if you look closely, all of those individual holes are supposed to be blackheads...and each one of them can be popped! As the good doctor makes her way through each one...a little bit of chocolate explodes out of each hole! It is AWESOME!

Don't Worry....It's CHOCOLATE!


A few hardcore popaholics couldn't take it..."You must have a lot of time on your hands right now. That’s disgusting! Sorry," someone commented.

"No too far! You can’t mess with cake! -- Yummy blackheads 😂😂😂" another said.

After watching it a few times, it is actually starting to look pretty good. Dr. Lee posted the entire process of making these bad boys on her if you are down, head on over!

This one was the best, "I just tried to bite my phone and chipped my tooth! Hahahah. You nasty girl!"

Watch The Incredible Video!

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