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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The Monster 'Taco' Looking Cyst Blast Off For Cinco De Mayo!!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is celebrating Cinco De Mayo is a way that the rest of us are not used too -- how about sharing a video of a gigantic taco looking eyeball cyst, that blasts out looking more like a topping when it explodes out of this patient!!

"Eye hope you know what day it is?! It’s Taco Tuesday & Cinco De Mayo! " Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the festive post -- you have to love her!

In the clip, the good doctor uses to good ol' slice and dice method to attack this monster, just wait and see what comes out!!

Take A Look!

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Just Wait for It....


As she begins to squeeze, it is obvious there is A LOT more than she expected living inside of this thing!

"What is that stuff coming out?" one fan wrote after seeing it fire!

Another added, "I am always amazed at the amount of "filling" that comes out of these cysts, big and small." -- That must have been so uncomfortable for him!

"It would be amazing if my mouth would stop watering when I watch these videos 😂😭" a popaholic wrote.

You ain't seen nothing yet, just wait until this thing really opens up!!

Keep Scrolling Down...

BAM! It's Sour Cream On Your Taco Time!!


"More like Mashed Potato Monday!"

No kidding! Look at the size of that gunk that came flying out of this monster cyst! It looks more like sour cream for the top of your taco!

How did it get this big? -- "Was this a cyst or was it caused by an ingrown hair?" fans asked. Who knows! But, luckily we get to see it get popped!

You haven't see the best part, take a look at the video -- and watch as the doctor rips the rest of this thing out of his face!

Here you GO!

Check Out This MASSIVE Blackhead Explode!


Dr. Pimple Popper is going to have to dig for this brutal blackhead!

Take a look at this massive growth, "A blackhead in the midst of the jungle!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the post on Instagram. It's obvious she agrees with the rest of us about picking up a razor everyone once and a while!

Just wait until you see what is growing beneath the surface on this one .. it is insane!

The best part a few fans think it looks like an alien crawling out of a body, "This reminds me of something from men in black," a fan posted.

Scroll To See The Blast!

Here It Comes...


"OMG! I was like... I wanna take it out. Set him free!"That’s crazy that our bodies produce cottage cheese of all those different colors. Yuk," a popaholic wrote after seeing it start to fire!

"Pop that cave man black head !!" another said to pump up Dr. Lee as she attacks to massive one!

Trust us, you want to watch this entire video because there are things that come out of this pimple that we can't even describe!! It Is SHOCKING!

Watch The Amazing Video!!

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