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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This GIANT Armpit Cyst Pour Out Looking Like A 'Turkey Meatball!!'

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is the best in the world at popping pimples -- even those ones that grow in hard to reach places like your armpit!!

"Epidermoid cyst under the armpit! 👀" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the newest video she shared on Instagram.

To start, and an epidermoid cyst is a "benign cyst derived from the infundibulum or upper portion of a hair follicle,' -- In other words, it is a giant ingrown hair!

Just wait until you see what comes gushing out of this thing!

Take A Look!

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Get Ready For This!!


As you can see, this giant cyst grew right in the center of this patient's armpit, so the good doctor was forced to slice it open at the top of it to get at its insides.

"Good job Dr. Lee!!! I love it when it comes out like that and you remove the whole sac! So satisfying!" one fan wrote after seeing it start to fly!

'Ooh what an awkward and uncomfortable place to have one! 😮' another person added.

Watch This!

It's 'Turkey Meatball Time!"


"Little turkey meatball ❤️" a fan described the contents of the cyst that come crashing out!

As the doctor squeezes it, a huge amount of gunk comes pouring out of the armpit. BTW -- the color of the contents can change based on the person's skin.

"I swear I have this under my arm cuz I cannot get this damn bump to go and it hurts and it’s UNDER my skin!! I’ve picked all the damn hairs and waxed and it still hurts 🙄🙄" one fan said.

We get it!

Now, Watch This Amazing Video!


"I bet that had a kicking odor!" one fan finally said.

Ok, we weren't going to say it ... but we know everyone was thinking it!

As for how something like this grows, "Can deodorant cause these types of cysts? I’ve had several like this in the past and all I pulled out were clumps of deodorant. Is that weird?" one fan said.

We don't know about that, but what we do know is the video of this armpit getting squeezed is awesome!!

Now, Check It Out!

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