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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This May Be The Worst One You've Ever Seen!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper just revealed a procedure that not only may ruin your dinner, most of the fans can't stop comparing its contents to their favorite meals.

In the latest edition of the best pops, Dr. Sandra Lee unveils one of the craziest cyst pop you have ever seen.

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This Thing Is A Monster...


In the video, you can tell before it even begins that the bump is much larger than most zits the good doctor has to attack. you can see...a substance let's loose that seems not to be human.

How Does It Get This Big?

"Our favorite little baby face! TAG someone that watches pops to relax!" Dr. Lee exclaims.

One fan asks the question we were all thinking, "How does it get this big?!"

The answer...who knows? It is starting to seem like people are letting them get big enough so they can make it on the show.

No More Wendy's For Me!


As for your next meal, "No More Wendy's Frostys 4 me," one person wrote.

"Reminds me of Taco Bell's beans in burritos," another person pointed out.

One person even commented on the doctor being so careful in handling this case, "How’s that possible to NOT have squeezed anything out of that monster!!! I’d have been all over that thing until it was empty!!"

Halloween Special "Cyst-fetti!"

"Halloween is almost here! Here’s a little cyst-fetti to celebrate 🎉 What are you going to be?"

This one just keeps going and going and going.

The key is how do you like watching them, "What’s the deciding factor when it comes to easing the sack out with the scissors or cutting bits of. (I prefer when it comes out whole)" one person said.

People love this stuff!

"My friends & family just don't get it, I could watch these vids all day!!!" one person posted.

Some people are even are considering being Dr. Pimple for Halloween.

"How many will dress up as Dr pimple popper under Halloween," someone asked.

Two Words, Oatmeal Town!


This one is brutal....

And people are starting to be specific for HOW they want the good doctor to treat each specific pop.

"I love watching your pops, I really do. But I get sooo seriously annoyed that you don’t pick it up and squeeze it from underneath! Just pressing on the sides of a cyst alone does not provide enough pressure to push out the contents," one person wrote.

Have a nice breakfast.

Jaw-Breaking Time!

This cyst looks like it hurts more than anything we have seen so far...agreed?

The good doctor is force, in this case, to slice right into this gentlemen's jawline to extract what looks like the inside of a potato. You know the kind!

One person even says they have had one of these monsters, " I get cysts on my jawline this, just so big. But man oh man!" they said.

Fans of the pimple popping video world can't enough of this one, just have to keep watching to see what happens at the end.


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