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Dr. Pimple Popper -- This One Actually Gets Dug Out By A Spoon!

By Mike Walters

This is a first!

Dr. Pimple Popper takes a different, and aggressive stance on popping this beast.

Instead of the normal snip and squeeze, Dr. Sandra Lee actually uses a special instrument that looks like a spoon.

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Blackhead Tunnel...


"Tunneling back to bring you this blackhead and inflamed cyst! ‘Blackhead that tunnels back,' the good doctor captioned the video.

The Video...

In the video, it takes a good few minutes for Dr. Lee to completely dig out all of what this zit had in store. The instrument literally looks like a mini-spoon at the end of a long metal pole, and she using it in a scooping motion.

Check Out The Spoon!

"She scooped it like she was making an ice cream cone," one fan said.

A few other reactions just appreciated the style, "Digging for gold", and "just keep digging!"

Also, "I love the sac removals. Wish they weren't cut off all the time!"

After the fun seemed to wear off on some people, a few fans reacted about what this may do to this person in the long run.

"I cannot believe how deep this is. This poor lady. Was the hard skin on top scar tissue?" one person posted.

Do I Have One of These?

As usual, some of our favorite reactions to the videos are people who realize that they may have something similar on their body.

One person wrote, "I think this might be what I have.... will a regular dermatologist be able to tell? Or do I need a special Dr. Pimple popper type doctor??"

Either way, it seems some peoples choice of dessert for tonight may have just changed.

Keep Poppin!

Giphy | TLC

Speaking of digging something out with a spoon...

This blackhead is so enormous, it takes the good doctor several attempts to actually get all of the contents of this bad boy out of the person's body.

Also, an interesting question came up on this pop. "Hi, do you administer anything for the pain before popping?" What a great question...this thing looks like it hurts!

The best reaction on this one, "You know I’m a true #popaholic when I can eat dinner and watch you squeeze the crap out of this blackhead."



This massive cyst looks so painful, it literally seems like it might break this guys jaw.

"A NEW Jawbreaker is in town and it isn’t the candy kind!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this video.

This thing takes a few attempts before what is on the inside comes gushing out. But when it takes zit popping to a whole new level.

"Wow. Made my jaw hurt just looking at it," one person said.

Plus, just like always someone had to make a food reference about this thing. One fan posted this, "When you cut the middle of your baked potato and give it a little squeeze on the ends to open it up."

Time for lunch!

Flaming Hot Cheeto Cyst...


Let's keep the food thing going to a whole new level. Flaming hot cheeto anyone?

Check out this cyst, which is right above this person right eye on her forehead. Man that has to hurt.

"It’s Halloween and this pop dressed up as a Hot Cheeto!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this video.

For the record, this was posed as a question -- if or not you think this is a cheeto or a cyst. We know the answer, based on who is asking, but check out how it getting cut out....crazy!

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