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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Check Out This Two-Headed Snake Explode

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper normally features pops in the single stream variety, but this one comes firing out of two locations and it is awesome!

Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video, "Check out the double pop squeeze." Take our advice...wait until the end of the video because you have to wait to get to the part where the two-headed snake makes it's appearance.

You would never believe so much could come of one location, and sometimes the good doctor does us a favor and keeps the sound on!

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The Video: Two-Headed Snake Time!

"I absolutely love this show! I watch every episode and even on YouTube! My son and I love you & he’s only 4!" one fan wrote.

Starting them early.

Or as one fan of the show put it, "second pimple - it’s a double popper...stay till the end"

The best reaction to the video is someone who is watching this bad boy in an airport waiting for their flight.

"Just sitting in the airport, waiting for my connecting flight - I stop on this and I literally can’t not watch it, but I also know someone can see what I’m watching and they are either so on board or horrified!"

Check it out....You Be The Judge.

Flaming Hot Cheeto Cyst!


During a recent popular episode of the pimple popping, a 'pilar cyst' was extracted from a young ladies face, and it look's just like a Flaming Hot Cheeto!

A pilar cyst is "flesh-colored bumps that can develop on the surface of the skin. They're sometimes called trichilemmal cysts or wens. These are benign cysts, meaning they typically aren't cancerous. Although pilar cysts aren't necessarily a cause for concern, you may find them uncomfortable," says wikipedia.

Check out the video, Dr. Sandra Lee actually cuts this nugget out of her face. This would go nice with a sandwich...

The 'Never Ending' Blackhead/Cyst


Every once and a while there is a monster zit that just keeps on giving and giving...and this is one of them! "A never ending cyst and blackhead combo," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the video, this blackhead and cyst combo keeps going for much longer than you think it would normally...

Also, the good doctor uses her extractor tool on this pop, and one fan pointed out how much having the special piece of hardware helps the process.

"That extractor tool is doing a little jig."

Interestingly, one fan wasn't looking directly at the popping instead they used the environment to ask a few personal questions. "I have those little red spots all over my body like the one in this video. What are they, and is it something I need to have looked at?" the person asked.

Check it out!

Dr. Pimple Popper Halloween Costumes!


This Halloween season their was tons of kids out there dressing up as their favorite pimple popper, Dr. Sandra Lee.

One family chose to have one child be the doctor and one kid be the zit!

"Ok, we’ve even got a monster PIMPLE costume this year! Puppies and future Dr Pimple Poppers will NEVER get old! Happy Halloween, popaholics!" she captioned the photo.

Check out the video of one of dressed up pimple poppers.

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

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