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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Watch A Decades Old Whitehead Shoot Out Like SILLY String!!

By Mike Walters

A few patients wait WAY too long before going and seeing Dr. Pimple Popper for getting rid of their whiteheads. In this case, an elderly gentlemen's nose has a monster on it that has to be decades old....and just wait until you see how it pops!

"We’re getting up close and personal with these pops!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

In the clip, it begins with the good doctor zoomed in on a massive whitehead she needs her pressure tool to get to started...but after she pops the initial bit...she is forced to break out the razor blade and slice into it!

Check It Out!

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Here Comes The Silly String!!


If you listen closely...Dr. Lee can be heard reacting to how insane the white liquid is that comes pouring out of this man's nose. "It looks like Silly String!" she says.

"God those pores haven’t seen daylight in damn decades haha," one fan commented after seeing them pop.

Plus, the first round of silly string isn't the end of this party. After the doc cuts into the top of this thing, another round of party favors comes flying out of the nose!

"Love when those pups come out looking like Pac-Man and/or the sand monster from tremors..." one fan pointed out after see it!

You Have To See This!

It's NOT Done YET!!!!!


"Now thats what am talking about!" was one of the reactions to the silly string party popper!

Check out how much pours out of this bad boy!

One fan asked, "I don't know what's worse, squeezing it or taking that tool to it. I thought the tool was used to prevent trauma to the skin? It certainly doesn't appear to be that way." We don't know...but we like them both!

Another common theme when seeing these whiteheads that seem to be around for a while is, "Why can’t people do this to themselves..... unless your blind how do you not pop those whiteheads yourself especially the big ones."

Answer: We like Dr. PP to do it anyways!

Watch The Amazing Video!

This Cyst Explosion Is INSANE!


Dr. Pimple Popper is one of the best in the business of popping zits, but she has also been nicknamed, 'The Cyst Whisperer' and we can show you exactly why!!

In the video, Dr. Sandra Lee decides to use the slice and dice method to get to the center of this massive cyst...but when she does its explosion time!

"You can really tell Dr. Lee loves what she does.. God bless her for all she does to help treat people with their conditions. God bless you. Dr Lee," a popaholic wrote about the video.

And our favorite question (which this one deserves), "do you ever wonder how these things smell?" Of course, we do!

Another accurate food comparison was made, "The first part kind of looks like the grits I had for breakfast!!! Love it!!!"

Take A Look!

Look At This Thing FLY!


After the contents of this massive cyst are squeezed out, the good doctor takes on the task of cutting out the sac, and it rocks!

"Pulling out the sac is as great as squeezing out cyst content to me! Addictive!" someone said.

To be honest, this is one of those sessions where most people are just pumped to see the doc get in there with two hands and just squeeze this cyst to its core!

This one is super satisfying and just may make your whole sit back, relax and let it fly!

Watch It Blast!

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