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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Huge Cyst Leave This Patient With GIANT Hole In His Chest!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is able to squeeze SO much of out this massive cyst that it actually leaves a giant hole in this guy's chest...and when we say a lot comes out of this monster we mean A LOT!!

"Cyst on the Chest! 👉🏻💥👈🏻 A cyst and its sac! Loved this pop and this conversation," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new Instagram video.

She is not kidding, not only is the pop one of the greatest things you have ever seen, but the conversation about how this gentleman gets his cyst's from his mother is priceless!

Oh ya, and this thing comes blasting out for over 2 Minutes!

You Have To See This...

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See The Shocking Cyst That Never Ends!


Ok, before you see just how narly this pop becomes at the end, a few jokesters online are having some fun with this guy. "For added fun you should’ve plucked those hairs out first," a fan wrote.

Now, Back to the cyst, during the video you can hear the doctor question him about why he has such a massive cyst on his chest. His answer, he has tried to pop it in the past but it didn't work. Plus, he got it from his mama?

"I remember this one. he was a nice man. it was beautiful to hear how he talked about his mother," one fan wrote who saw the original on Dr. PP's show on TLC.

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You Have To See The Hole This Leaves!


This video is so great, because not only do you get to see how much gunk actually comes out of this thing, but it is so much the pop leaves a massive HOLE!

"The hole at the end was so clean. Great vid," a fan posted after seeing it!

A few fans are so shocked, they are asking about how she is going to sew it up? saying, "So... Can this have a bandage put on it, or needs stitched back together? and "how will his pocket close? Stitch? Or bandage? And while it’s healing how can he prevent it from filling back up?"

You have to see this..."Woah the ending! Top 10 Of All Time!" a popaholic said.

Watch It Blow!

This One May Scare Even The Best Of Us...


At first, this thing may just look like another cyst, sliced open and squeezed out Dr. Pimple Popper style. But, it's not the act of popping this one that's scary...its what may live in this one that is crazy!

"that thing had teeth!" someone posted after seeing the video.

You are going to want and watch this thing to the very end and take a look for yourself. This is the type of Dr. PP video that you just have to watch a few times...then stare at what came out to make sure you are really seeing what you are seeing!

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Does It Have TEETH?!


Is that what we think it is?!

Well, teeth don't normally grow on someone's back, but we have a feeling Dr. Pimple Popper gets the ones that are not NORMAL. We are not sure what we are looking at...

One fan even joked on Instagram, "Let me get some crackers for that dip."

Ok, and we knew this would come up, "I love watching your show and your videos...., but don’t these smell when you pop them?? and Dr. Lee do any of those ever smell bad? I’m sure it’s difficult to make comments on the odor being that you’re recording and the patient is awake."

Ok, Just Judge For Yourself...Here It Is!

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