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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See The 'Chicken Nugget' Cyst Explode Out Of This Patient!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper takes on a massive cyst in a new popping session and this thing is so big and violent when it comes even has it's own nickname!

"A little momma squishy to start the day! Have you been watching the Momma Squishy story," Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video. She has been chronicling this patient on her YouTube page.

As you can imagine, the good doctor has to slice open the skin to get at this bad boy..but when she does the one-time squeeze is a classic!

Take A Look!

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Here Comes The "Squishy!"


You have to see this is amazing!

After slicing open the top of the skin, all it takes is one quick squeeze and the entire thing comes flying out of her body! "OMG absolutely amazing," one fan posted after seeing it.

"Little chicken nugget," a popaholic posted. "Another chicken nugget?" another added.

To be honest, that is exactly what this cyst looks like when it comes flying out of the body. A McDonald's chicken nugget! You are going to look at them a bit differently when you see this thing...

Check This Thing Out!

It's A Chicken Nugget!


A few fans of the show are a bit concerned about the big mole that is located next to the massive pop. "What is that black oval-shaped mole thingy??? I have one on my back," a fan posted.

That is for a different day...back to the chicken nugget cyst!

"That looks like a sack full of cotton wool," one person said. You have to see this, it's crazy how fast the thing pops out of the skin!

"These videos really help get through the day. Lol not even kidding," one fan commented on Instagram. Ya, us too!

Our favorite reaction to the new video, "My granddaughter (age 7) tells EVERYONE that I always watch Dr.Pimple Popper!!!"

And guess what?! Dr. PP responded to the comment saying..."got to let the world know!"

Watch The Video!

Watch The Massive Neck Cyst Explode...


Dr. Pimple Popper is used to attacking cysts that grow on the neck...but sometimes some scary stuff comes flying out her patients!

In some cases, out of this world!

After slicing the top of this monster open, one fan asked, "What makes you choose a punch over a normal incision?"

Another added, "How do you determine how to remove it? Sometimes I see the punch tool, other times you cut right in the middle of it."

She is a professional that's how! And she has seen more zits and cysts than anyone in the world!

"That looks like a dust ball. Yikes," one person wrote.

Check It Out...

It's An Alien! Check It Out...


What is the world is that?! One popaholic has an idea.. "I love how you are so gentle with those little aliens,😂😂😂😅" they wrote.

Now that you say it...if you look close it could be straight from the movie 'Aliens.' ! "He’s got a giant dust mite in his neck," another fan posted.

And of course, with a size and color like this one... this alwasys pops up "Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if it smells 🙈" We are guessing..YES!

After seeing it start to fly, one fan asked, "Even though you get rid of all these, cysts, pores and blackheads, can they come back and re-grow? Serious question. Interested and curious."

The Answer is YES...but it's more Pimple Popper for us!

Watch The Video!

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